Recycle Scrap Gold to Prevent Further Mining Accidents

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  • Author Mark Rich
  • Published November 14, 2010
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You see the ads staring, blinking, or flashing at you whenever you use the internet. Sell your gold, cash for gold, clean cash in your pocket! By now the glitter and appeal barely register to most people. But yes, selling gold can be a lucrative and easy money-maker. Why sell your gold? Where to sell, and how do you know you’re getting the best price? We have the answers to all these questions, and more.

You’ve seen it all before; sell your gold because gold is now at an all time high. Sell your gold because those tangled chains are useless anyway, and can be converted into cold, hard cash. Sell your gold because it’s fast and easy, and there’s no catch. All these reasons are true. But new there’s a new, bigger, more pressing reason.

Our environment is the world we live in every day, and the world we will be giving over to our kids. Gold mining presents countless environmental hazards, such as, the cyanide chemicals used leaching into the ground causing untold pollution. Also, the gold mines run a lot deeper than coal mines, asking for many more supports, and a lot more trouble. We need look no further than the recent rescue of 33 Chilean gold miners. The rescue was pronounced a success, but what caused this possible calamity in the first place? The Chilean government is as of yet unsure of the cause of the mine collapse, but they suspect that not enough supports were in place. Even as we speak, miners are descending into shafts, putting their lives in danger. The trapped miners were forced to spend 39 days underground in a 540 square foot room with minimal food, water, and worst of all, mental stimulation. The ordeal they went through will impact their lives forever. And there was no need.

Gold is a luxury, not a necessity. As such, it doesn’t occur to anyone to try to preserve it. Gold is a finite natural resource. We could greatly limit the amount of gold mining required by simply recycling gold. If we sell gold for cash, the gold is melted down to be reused in new pieces. The seller receives cash for gold in a simple, quick transaction, and the environment, and gold miners are saved a whole lot of trouble.

So you’ve been convinced. You’ll sell your gold. Where to go, and how to make sure you’re getting the most money for your gold? There are a number of options. Pawnshops are the obvious go-to place in times of need, but a pawnbroker will be the first to tell you that he’ll give you a minimum payout of cash for your gold due to the quality of clientele, and low turnover rate. For a regular jeweler, melting your gold is almost more of a headache for him, so he won’t either offer that much cash for your gold. The best option is to sell gold to an online buyer. Check the seller’s ratings to ensure that he is legitimate, and not a scam. Also, be an educated seller by checking the current price of gold on sites like Make sure you’re not being duped. Now, after you’ve decided to sell, chosen a buyer, and done the deal, enjoy your cash!

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