How to Design Your Own Happiness Using the Power of Your Very Own Psychology


  • Author Sandi Prince
  • Published January 12, 2011
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We have probably all known of someone who continuously blames others for the bad things that happen to them. A lot of people criticise their ex for making them feel bad, they blame their ex partner for not pulling their weight in

the relationship, they blame their boss for making work unbearable, they blame their family

for being negative - there's a lot of blame going around.

The truth of it all is that your happiness is your own responsibility, and drives your destiny.

An essential factor to these matters is designing your own happiness using the power of your own psychology. All the matters in your life have been brought about by your way of thinking and also by the choices you have made.

No one else but you has the choice to accept

those concerns, or you can make the decision to try something different. You truly can design your own happiness and opt to feel great every single day. It's totally up to you, you can

also have a great relationship, wonderful friends and the best job.

If you think about the reasons, why you are not as happy as you should be at the moment.

Could it be that you are unhappy in your career. You made the choice to accept that job offer, and it is your choice to search for a better career or remain where you are. On the other hand you may decide to find aspects about your profession to be grateful about.

Is it be that you are unhappy with your ongoing romantic association. Again, you made the decision to be with them, and it's up to you whether to stay and sort out any problems within the romantic association or decide to move on.

Maybe you can choose to concentrate on all the positive things about the one you love, as opposed to the negative aspects.

When we concentrate on the positive concerns that we are grateful for, we actually make ourselves happier from within ourselves. Your happiness can be created by design, and when you are happy, people are naturally drawn to you, because you become like a magnet.

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