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  • Author James Bean
  • Published January 31, 2011
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Need4 Video Converter is a complete solution for converting both video and audio between a variety of popular formats. Videos can be converted so that they will work on other devices such as smartphones like Nokia and others. It also supports conversion into formats which are compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod, Zune and PlayStation amongst other media devices. You can also rip DVDs, so long as they are not copy protected. High definition video is also supported and you can even split videos or join videos together if they are stored in two or more separate files. Splitting videos is great if space is a concern or you need to transfer the videos to another device using a memory stick which does not have enough capacity to store the original file. Splitting videos is also extremely accurate, up to a hundredth of a second. You can also use this feature to convert only specific parts of a video file.

Need4 Video Converter is an ideal solution for anyone who regularly needs to convert videos. The software is fast and reliable and supports all of the different formats that you are ever likely to need. Many people download video files from the Internet or obtain them from some other source only to find that they will not play back on other devices. This is especially the case with various portable media playing devices such as Smartphones and PDAs. These devices typically have limited video and audio playback options so the files often need to be converted to make them compatible. With this leading video converter software, you can do the job easily and reliably without having to spend money on any expensive video editing packages. The software provides these abilities in a user-friendly ad efficient solution.

Need4 Video Converter provides you with plenty ready-prepared settings to get the job done faster and save you time. You do not need to know anything about video formats and conversion either as the software tells you which formats will play on your device whether is optimal for PSP or iPhone etc. The low price is another factor which makes it a welcome solution for everyday computer user. It requires no special knowledge and the interface is simple and intuitive. With the pre-defined format settings, it is a breeze to convert the video and audio files that you want to play back with your other devices, including all types of standalone media players. This video converter software is ideal not only for video and DVD fans, but also for anyone who uses their portable and standalone media players for playing video and audio.

Converting media files with a decent video converter software package is an easy and rewarding experience. Conversions times are as fast as possible, especially if you have a more powerful PC. However, the system requirements for Need4 Video Converter are also minimal anyway. With the useful extra features of being able to split up large video files or join a group of smaller ones, this solution provides you with all of the features that you are ever likely to need. To find out more information, or to download a trial version, check out

James Bean uses video converter software regularly. This allows him to convert videos ripped from DVDs or downloaded from the Internet easily and quickly for playback on other devices.

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