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  • Author Tace Thompson
  • Published February 15, 2011
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I have been blogging for a number of years now, and I have found the following strategies, my top ten, to be the best for better traffic generation. The ten steps cover the basics, tips on gaining and keeping subscribers through to the extra elements that give the edge.

  1. Create Good Quality Content

Content should either educate, entertain, inspire or provide a solution to a readers issue. When writing content ensure that at least one of these elements is incorporated, add pictures, videos and links. Pay attention to detail and check grammar and spelling, in other words proofread everything before going live.

  1. Keep Posts Short

Try to keep posts under five hundred words, so that readers with short attention spans, don't lose interest before the end of any given article. I think it's fair to say that a majority of people want quick results and don't want to hang around for too long to get them.

  1. Entice Readers to Subscribe

Give readers a freebie, for example, in the form of a downloadable eBook or a video boot camp, thus giving an incentive for subscribing to the web site in question.

  1. Interact with visitors

When online users make comments on a blog managed by you, it is in everyone's best interest to correspond, get involved and encourage a natural flow of dialogue.

  1. Get Involved in the Blog Community

Blogging is one of the many ways to socialise over the web. Seek out other blogs, comment on them and refer to other blogs within posts. In doing this activity, it will increase web presence and provided good quality back links, as comment fields include adding a website address.

  1. Offer to Write

Find blogs that are relevant to your area of knowledge and style. Participate in these blogs and add value to them. Establish a rapport with fellow bloggers, and when the time is right offer to be a guest blogger on their site, ensuring you reference your work as part of your application.

  1. Publish to Ezines

Create a document on your chosen topic and publish it to article sites, again aim for five hundred words, but only publish the bulk of the article so that the remainder is to be found on your website. So you guessed it, to find the final three hot tips, of my top ten ways to traffic generation and a list of direct links to the mentioned resources follow the link in my signature box below.

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