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  • Author Luigi Scollo
  • Published February 28, 2011
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Households without internet and a television set are hard to find. How about the advantages of a combination of the two? Try internet and tv.

It sounds logical to combine internet and tv. Let’s face it, everyone has internet and very few people don’t own a tv. But it’s not so clear for many what exactly the combination of internet and tv really is. Let alone how you can get it and what it takes to install it. It really isn’t that complicated. Promised!

  • What are the advantages?

Internet and tv is nothing more than a combination of the two in one package. With a lot of cool perks! For example, you’ll get to know the superb sensation that is digital tv. It’s possible to choose the channels you want to watch. Less costs. But you do need to make sure you’ve got a decent (or at least the one that suits you best) internet connection.

  • Can I select the channels myself?

No and yes. With internet and tv you can dedide which channels you want to watch. But they come in packages (choose between two) so you won’t be able to pick out the channels one by one. There’s two packages to choose from; a standard package and a premium package. The standard package contains all the channels you’ve got on your tv right now. The premium package extends the channel offer. Pick for example Eredivisie Live (all the Dutch football games live on tv) a theme channel (travel, cooking) or HD TV. With HD TV you’ll watch tv in a whole new way. Thanks to a higher resolution the colors are brighter, the sounds are better (depends a bit on your stereo though) and everything is sharper.

  • What do I need for internet and tv?

One of the most important ingredients has got to be a phone line. Not even a connection to that line (so you don’t need a phone at home) but just the line itself. It should be hidden in your house somewhere, just look for a little box. Then of course, you’ll need an internet connection. But you definitely don’t need to get the fastest, most expensive connection. That depends on what you do online.

  • Which internet connection should I choose?

There are severel internet connections to choose from. Make sure you get the right one, in other words the one that isn’t overprized. For internet and tv you don’t necessarily need an expensive, rapid connection. Just think about how you use your internet. Are you online to look up stuff and to send emails? Then the standard connection will do. But are you one of those downloading freaks with several computers at home (several people using the same connection) you should opt for the connection with high download speed.

  • What about the installation?

It’s possible to install internet and tv yourself. The user guide is clear and convenient and with a bit of knowledge you should be able to fix things yourself. However, there are always adjusters available if you do need any help. Try it yourself first though! You don’t want to pay a guy that fixes things you easily could’ve done yourself.

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