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  • Author Stuart Nunn
  • Published February 14, 2011
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As a Mass Cash Coverup purchaser I thought I should share my views on this software and let you decide for yourself if the product will suit your needs. I intend to review it fully for you with nothing left out with no hype or exaggerated claims.

This system is the brain child of Internet marketing guru Mike Auton. The sales page claims to show you a very different way to get a flood of free traffic from any search engine. But there are many products on the market like this, so how is this any different? My aim is to show how this can help your online business.

Mass Cash Coverup revolves around SEO techniques, particularly back-linking from other high ranked websites. Getting good back-links to your website will help your search engine page rank and make you more visible to the online surfers that are looking for what you are promoting. You are taught the right way to do this and the software finds the perfect links for you.

One of the great things about this product is that anyone can use it. If you are not experienced in making websites and this scares you a little, don't worry. Both novices and full time marketers with live websites already online will be able to use this and absolutely love it. You will have full training in the members area.

The marketing tool that Mike and his team have produced has cost a lot of money to develop but I think it was well worth the expense. What I found most impressive was how quickly it can be used and it can really push your online sales to other levels long as you follow the instructions provided.

So what do you get at the end of the day when you pay your money? Apart from the back-link software you will also receive an article spinner and a blog pinger. The article spinner enables you to create an unlimited amount of articles using one piece of text that you have created. This will then let you submit unique content all over the web taking out the hard work of rewriting article after article or the expense of outsourcing this kind of work and paying a lot of money for it. The blog pinger allows you to alert a number of websites that new content is available on your site and sends traffic to it.

You will also receive a complete guide to SEO (search engine optimization) and an insider's guide to FREE traffic domination in PDF format. Plus you will get a make your own money blog guide which shows you how to set up free blogs ready to go online in minutes.

An unannounced bonus of 3700 articles to use in a number of niches and subjects give you a head start for gaining content for your sites. These pieces will save you writing time to get your first websites under way. Use these with the article spinner to create an unlimited amount of content for your blogs or article submission sites.

I really hope you enjoyed this Mass Cash Coverup review and it helped you make a decision to see if the programme will suit you needs. If you own the software or maybe purchase it someday then I hope you have all the success in the world with it.

Stuart Nunn buys and reviews the current products on the web today. Check out his current Mass Cash Coverup review blog for detailed advice. Also check out the video demonstration aswell!

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