Why Businesses Need Microoutsourcing Help In the Digital Age

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  • Author Gemini Ayupan
  • Published February 16, 2011
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Business owners know the value of marketing their business, but frequently don’t know how to carve out the time. Imagine a world where marketing gets done. Imagine what could happen to one’s business if leads received timely callbacks. Imagine if someone regularly spent time updating the blog, tweeting, and posting Facebook updates. Imagine if someone posted new SEO optimized content weekly to the website. Imagine having a staff on call to work as a coordinated team handling these tasks automatically. That is possible when a business brings on freelance or outsourcing help from a micro outsourcing service.

So how does a business know when the timing is right to bring in help?

Here are some signs to help recognize when a business needs Microsourcing to handle the marketing.

Leads are falling through the cracks – If leads come into the business and aren’t being properly handled, it’s very costly. If the business owner doesn’t have time to personally track leads, contact them, follow up, and turn them into sales, a micro outsourcing service can take this off the owner’s plate and ensure it gets done.

You Have Proven Marketing Tactics With Great Conversion Rates – When a small business owner has proven advertisements and marketing strategies in place, it makes sense to do more of it. If lack of time is a limitation, then outtasking the marketing can greatly expand marketing outreach. More exposure means more leads and more sales.

You Don’t Understand New Technologies and Don’t Want to Learn It – The Internet changes everyday bringing with it new technologies for connecting with customers. Often times it takes someone specialized in a certain area to keep up with the latest innovations. In these times, it makes sense to use outtasking services that have experts in certain areas like SEO, social media, Pay Per Click campaign management and more. It’s important to have someone that has an expert understanding of these tools to maximize their impact.

You Can’t Afford a Fancy Agency But Still Need Good Help – While there are many companies one can employ to handle ongoing Internet Marketing, they can be a bit pricey for a small business budget. With a little searching, one can find equally expert help at a fraction of the price through an outtasking service.

With the right microoutsourcing staff handling the business marketing they can conduct research, develop strategy, manage marketing projects, develop creative, execute, and track the results. It frees the business owner to focus on higher-level activities. Additionally it allows the business the scalability to ramp up help as demand is needed or pare down if business is slow.

Finally, there is something to be said for the power of teamwork. For a solo entrepreneur, a team of outsourcers brings a lot to the table in terms of ideas, support, energy, and expertise. And the relief to the owner of not having to do it all themselves is refreshing. It can turn a once overstressed, overworked entrepreneur back into the fresh, idea driven genius that started the business.

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