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  • Author James Galloway
  • Published March 8, 2011
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Video conferencing is a brilliant tool for business or pleasure and the Internet has brought us together like never before. Online video conferencing is truly a global experience as it allows global communication on the fly with the use of streaming video.

Many companies have already adopted this tool and have seen huge benefits in doing so. Video Conferencing basically replicates that of an offline business meeting. Most conferencing providers give you a selection of packages and functions to suit your needs and include many extras.

Companies have been doing offline meetings to collaborate and streamline presentations and business projects for years. This plays a huge part in any business strategy and has been used by every business large or small. Small conferences including a handful of people in an office up to a huge conference in a hired venue with attendees from all over the globe.

Offline meetings can be very costly and in most cases can go into thousands of dollars for just one meeting. Video Conferencing can eliminate this cost and cut it right back to a really small monthly payment. The functions you now get with online video conferencing enable you to replicate that of an offline meeting with tools such as file sharing, desktop sharing, browser sharing, whiteboard sharing, PowerPoint sharing, Full way multiple video streaming, full way multiple text chat, and so much more.

The kind of costs which can be cut back on are those for the hiring of a venue, transportation, accommodation, entertainment, food and refreshments, and the initial planning. The effort time and money which goes into the preparation and development of an offline meeting really can eat into your company budget by thousands. All of these costs can be cut back to one small monthly payment for your own video conferencing package. Once you have the software you can use it as much as you like(providing you choose one which charges per room and not per attendee or conference), you can invite all attendees with a click of a button and hold last minute important updates on the fly within minutes of planning.

Companies have more than one use for video conferencing software and even use it to make a profit. It has been seen recently that companies use it to advertise and sell their products and services. Holding an online meeting and doing a business presentation for potential customers is big right now. Another major use we have seen develop is the use of video conferencing software to conduct job interviews. Many companies employ from all around the world now and this has proven to be most effective. Even those who employ from their local town can cut back on time, costs and conduct more interviews in this manner.

I hope this has given you a great insight into video conferencing software and why it is in great demand right now. This article in brief has mentioned the costs which are cut, how companies use it to also increase profits, and a mention of another couple of actions currently being carried out using this tool.

To get the best value for money and the right provider make sure when choosing your video conference software that you choose one which charges per room and not per attendee. Also choose one which does not require you and your attendees to download and install any software or application. In this case you need a provider which supplies you with a conference room which is streamed live straight from a server. This will make sure you don’t have compatibility issues. People will be able to login and join from anywhere in the world regardless of their operating system.

Video Conferencing Software is in demand but you need to choose wisely. Take a look at this solution with all the functions mentioned here. Video Conferencing

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