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The proper product communication is one of the most important factors in marketing which determines sales. Doing a good communication strategy ensures a competitive edge. Forming part of the Marketing Plan, the product communication involves the proper use of mediums so as key messages reach the target audiences.

Know who your target markets are

It is primordial for companies to know who their target markets are. Otherwise, companies will lose advertising money in trying to persuade people who are not interested in the product. Segmentation bases are classified as geographic, psychographics, socio-cultural and demographics. The best marketable segments are targeted and then the positioning is determined. And all advertising efforts are concentrated on them.

Key Messages

If a company is new on the market, it should build awareness. The publics, particularly the targeted customers should be made aware of the existence of the product, its details, benefits and costs. For this, the key message should be clear and understandable to all. Marketers may use the KISS approach in their messages: Keep it short and simple.

Equally important is the medium of communication used to deliver the messages. Marketers should always aim at delivering the right messages composing of information and emotions through the right medium/s at minimum costs.

Communication mediums

There are several medium of communication which can be used by marketers. They should know the communication mix tools available to them.

Some mediums of communication are:

  1. Newspaper

  2. Radio

  3. Television

  4. Internet- websites, emails, pop-ups and blogs

  5. Sports shirts

  6. Billboards

  7. Mobile phones and telephones

  8. Postal letters

  9. Postcards

  10. Yellow pages

Product Photos Communication

Product communication consists of visual, textual and audible elements. Visuals can be created by hand or by machines like cameras, digital photographic studios and computers. Handmade visuals can be used to produce raw images and would suit only some products’ communication strategy. However, machines like computers, cameras and digital photographic studios produce more refined photos which can be used anywhere. Programs like Photoshop and Illustrator are used to produce images and vectors. Cameras are used to produce photos and videos. Creative digital photo studios are used to create perfect product photos.

Camera versus Digital photo studio

There are many differences between a camera and a digital photo studio particularly in their uses. A camera is generally used to take outdoor pictures or photos of persons and places. For business use, professional photographers’ services should be sought.

In the case of product communication, the best solution to create product photos is by using the digital photo studios which are available on the market. These digital photo studios provide fast and immediate results. Build with an intuitive touch, the photo workstations can produce high definition product photos, 360° animations and interactive 3D animations. These animations provide multi-angle views of products. Its photo editing software allows the cropping of images, setting of the brightness and contrast, adding annotations among others.

With the professional digital photo studio, the visuals produced are more impactful. If businesses have to choose between recruiting a professional photographer and buying a digital photographic studio, the latter will prove as a better option as HD photos, 360° animations and 3D animations are produced within some minutes by anyone due to its intuitiveness. Moreover, photos and animations can be directly sent by mail or uploaded on the website with minimal cost.


Using the proper visual with appealing messages through the correct communication medium will without doubt create sales and help companies gain in competitiveness. When done properly, product communication helps in brand development and increases sales.

Founded in 2001, PackshotCreator develops and markets several lines of visual studios for businesses. These solutions can create an infinite number of product photos of professional quality, 360° animations and 3D photos.

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