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  • Published March 4, 2011
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Are you a Demanding User in your music entertainment? If so, you should learn more about audio formats. Such as WAV is the best sound quality format. AIFF is the best format for burning Music on disk. The advantage boundry between MP3 and WMA format and more. Here let's take a look at a YouTube to WAV Converter -- a Music Video Converter for Demanding Users.

Even though WAV is not the most widely used Music Format like MP3, but surely WAV can defeats MP3 in sound quality. Most people would like to choose a YouTube to MP3 Converter to feed their music player, many Apple users and perfectionists need a YouTube Video to WAV Converter. Also there’s some dull newbies choose a MP3 to WAV Converter. Whatever, stupid is as stupid does! Here Video Sharer – YouTube Video to WAV Converter – a Music Video Converter for Demanding Users.

Why choose WAV? CD has the best sound quality, but after all it can’t be played on mainstream music player directly. So you need a CD Ripper to extract Music off CD, and WAV Format is the best output format which will keep the perfect audio quality. BTW, WAV also is the Apple special Music Format. Search Apple QuickTime for more related info.

Music resource? Right! YouTube – people around the world can upload their own creations to share with world’s YouTuber. The same – you can find a video or audio file of almost any main language any song or subject on YouTube. But by design, you can only view these Music Videos in your Web browser. Here’s how to use YouTube Video to WAV Converter to Extract Music off a YouTube Video and recode to WAV Format in a time.

  1. Download YouTube Video to WAV Converter – Video Sharer, install and launch! 2. Download YouTube Video, software interface will guides you to reach it. 3. Load YouTube Video to "Convert", Profile -> General Video -> Choose WAV Format(Adjust some parameters if needed) -> click Convert. Hit "Open" to get the converted WAV Format Music.

Tips: If you look around online, you may find other YouTube to WAV Converters. Some may not be compatible with your computer or browser version. So pay attention to that!

Thanks for reading! You may interested in some info in the article. Check out YouTube Video to WAV Converter. Advantage boundry between MP3 and WMA format: Best Audio Format for Music Player.

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