Things to Avoid While Quitting Smoking

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  • Author Kat Harison
  • Published March 6, 2011
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Get Rid Of Smoking For Good!

After reading and hearing a lot about smoking endangers and looking at those awful "quit smoking" ads, we all at some point develop a natural urge to stop this nicotine salvation forever. Many of us just can’t resist the temptation, while many of us try and fail and never try again! This article explains a few things you can adopt while you’re on the journey towards quitting, and if you really want this quit to be your last one. Read along, it may help.

Do you want a life that’s free from the haunting thoughts of smoking and relieve you from the desire to take one more puff even after you have gotten rid of those nasty cigarettes? The fact is, you’re still not over it, and chances are, you may soon indulge in the mess again. Here are some points enlisted to make your quit a firm one and prevent you from losing your confidence in the process. We recommend you to avoid these:

Losing Your Cool

A habit developed over the years may not go with a snap of your finger, it may take time and with that your patience and endurance. Smoking cessation is a constant path of action and not a sudden accident, so be very serene while thinking to replace it with a healthy lifestyle. Things may not seem very positive in the beginning, but it’s just a matter of little patience, and you’ll get along the quitting process quite well.


Don’t cry over the years you’ve spent smoking, as you’re not able to bring them back. Instead, think of what steps you can take to get rid of this now. Remember, no step is too small, so whatever stage you are in, whether chain smoker or just a beginner, strong determination and thought positivity is what’s going to make your efforts count.

Ignoring Yourself

Smoking cessation is a hard time, and you need to focus more on yourself at such a critical point. Lack of self-care may turn you back towards smoking, but healthy lifestyle including balanced diet, proper rest, plenty of water intake, and regular exercise will help simplify your nicotine withdrawal process to a great extent.

Not Finding Smoking Alternatives

Face it – leaving cigarettes is not a piece of cake, especially at the initial stages when the thoughts keep hitting back on you. In such cases it is recommended you take support of smoking alternatives to help you pass this stage. One of the best smoking alternatives in the market today are E-Cigarettes. You can continue using this harmless electronic cigarette until you’re not fully out of the nicotine clutches and then you can terminate its use whenever you want.

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