Teen Girl Bullies and Harassment – Is it a Deadly Problem?

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  • Author Mandy Jane Clarke
  • Published May 7, 2011
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Teen girl bullies and harassment are prevalent among schools today. While boys may bully directly by fist fighting or getting into brawls, teen girl bullies use more indirect and subtle methods to attain a similar goal – by humiliating their victims.

There is certainly a fine line between harassment and stalking. Most teen girl bullies will use both measures to invade the privacy of other girls and render them helpless. Spreading rumors, bullying, teasing and harassing are the bullying effects which cause more eating disorders among school girl victims – as well as absenteeism, an inability to concentrate and serious psychological effects.

Unfortunately, teen girl bullying and harassment are not considered as serious in schools as boy bullying. They are simply identified as a form of jealousy or a misunderstanding between girls with boyfriends. However, contrary to what most people believe this is a serious and often deadly problem.

Bullying teasing often results in bullying effects which render the victim in a state of isolation and loneliness. If it continues, the victim may experience health problems which could result in serious and often suicidal thoughts. Teasing and harassment using hurtful words are the subtle traits of these teen girl bullies. Their verbal abuse can torment most victims who are initially weak and have low self-esteem. Add consistent harassment to the mix, and you have the formula for either a physical encounter or worse.

Teen girl bullying and harassment have become a pandemic which has not been resolved by programs or in-school suspensions. While most schools incorporate school-based support teams including psychologists, social workers and therapists, the problem continues to plague those who are looking for quality education but, instead, are reduced to tearful and fearful individuals.

While the discipline code in most schools does not address teen bullying in a more severe fashion, the bullying effects have a devastating impact on the victims. Most skip school, and some transfer out. Regardless of what school they go to, there will always be teen girl bullies who will seek them out, torment them and leave them so frightened that some refuse to attend school altogether.

Teen girl bullying and harassment has left the educational system in a quandary. Although the Zero Tolerance policy initiated after Columbine has been viewed as too harsh, it is up to each state to mandate punishment to fit the crime. There is nothing more disheartening than to see parents come to school and witness the results of physical and mental abuse perpetrated on their child.

Billions of dollars are currently being spent on education programs and policies. What good is the money if the quality of education and the environment in the schools is being destroyed by teenage bullies – both girls and boys?

By Mandy-Jane Clarke

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