Teen Girl Bullies And Harassment. The Horrendous Affects It Has On The Victims

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  • Author Mandy Jane Clarke
  • Published May 9, 2011
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These days teen girl bullies and harassment are widespread in schools. Although boys bully in a more direct way by using their fists, teen girls tend to adapt a more subtle method to achieve a similar result by humiliating their victims in any way possible.

The line between harassment and stalking is very fine. Many teen bullies use both of these measures to completely take control over other girls, making them feel helpless and have little self worth. The effects of teen girl bullies cause serious eating disorders as well as encouraging absenteeism from school, psychological problems and the victim will not be able to concentrate on anything when the bullying and teasing starts

Regrettably, teen girl bullying and harassment in schools are not thought to be as serious as boy bullying. The bullying acts of girls are simply seen as a jealous streak or a difference of opinion usually about boyfriends. However, despite what people think, teen girl bullying is not only a grim problem but it can be deadly too.

When victims are bullied and teased usually by the use of hurtful words, they end up feeling totally isolated and lonely. The bullies pick on those who are weak or different from the crowd. If the bullying continues, health problems are likely to occur and the next drastic step is suicidal thoughts. If the victims are constantly harassed things are sure to result in a physical encounter ensuing.

Programs or suspensions within schools have not been effective in addressing the huge problem of teen girl bullying and harassment. Even though many establishments have a school-based support team of psychologists, therapists and social workers, those who are looking for an education of good quality are often reduced to tears and feel absolutely terrified.

The discipline code in most schools does not properly recognize the teen bullying problem and the horrendous affects it has on the victims. They skip school and even transfer to other schools but regardless of which new school they go to, they are always going to be prey for those who bully. In the end, they regularly leave school altogether and miss out on the education they should be receiving.

The situation of teen girl bullying and harassment has left the whole educational system in a dilemma. Although the Zero Tolerance policy set up following Columbine has been said to be too harsh, each state needs to make mandatory, a punishment fitting with the crime. There is nothing sadder than seeing parents attend school and witness the results of the physical and mental abuse committed against their child.

Vast amounts of money are at this time being spent on education programs and strategies. But what good is using this money going to do if the quality of a child’s education and the desired atmosphere within schools is destroyed by these teenage boy and girl bullies?

By Mandy-Jane Clarke

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