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  • Published May 25, 2011
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Spring break is coming upon us here in Tucson. If you are planning on traveling with kids think ahead about how to entertain them. On long trips you may want to have an array of choices. There are the old standby games from generations past that you can play as a family but let's face it, no one can play Going On a Picnic or ISpy for 6 hours. Sometimes everyone needs a little time to entertain themselves.

For kids, although many a parent has said turn that thing off, a nintendo or other handheld game can really come in handy on raod trips. There are plenty of games that kids can play on their handheld devices and it can keep antsy troops from that all to familiar question "Are we there yet?".

Nintendo games can offer you the entertainment you are looking for in a travel game. It’s no surprise that kids love these games. They are typically handheld video games that are simple to play and yet offer enough of a challenge to keep kids involved for hours. That is quite a benefit when you are in for the long haul and will be driving cross-country. Investing in a small game system for your kids or grandkids can be a very wise choice and prevent the boredom that children often experience on long trips.

When looking for Nintendo games, you will have plenty of options. This game system is intended mostly for children, preteens, and teens, so there is a wide variety of appropriate games that any age can enjoy. From cartoon character escapades to racetrack shenanigans, there is a game for every child’s interest. Traveling with a Nintendo can make it fun to ride in the car.

You can even take Nintendos on plane trips! Flying is much quicker than driving, but for young children it can seem to last forever. Ease their frustration with being stuck in a seat by giving them the chance to entertain themselves on a game system. Nintendo games are small enough to carry in a backpack or tote bag, or even a roomy purse. There are also no pieces to get lost during the trip. Bringing a game that has playing pieces is certainly an option, but it does give you more items to keep up with. A Nintendo does not have such small components.

There are a few things you will need in order to make your travels with a Nintendo game successful. Video games require batteries, so make sure you don’t forget them at home! The good news is that even if you do forget them, you can easily buy them from any convenience store or grocery store. You will also want to take the game cartridges. Bring several so that nobody gets bored with playing the same video game for the entire trip. A small selection of games and a handheld Nintendo game system is a very easy way to make your travels go smoothly!

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