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  • Published June 21, 2011
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Generating free website traffic is all fine and good however some of the available techniques used do not necessarily focus on targeted traffic. The bottom line is that if your website visitors are not focused on what you have to offer you have wasted your time and energy! One often overlooked means in which to attract free targeted traffic is through the proper development and use of a keyword list. Although developing such a list is not difficult it involves a wee bit of patience and time which is likely why many may conveniently overlook or ignore this potent strategy!

Here are 3 key elements you want your keyword list to contain in order for it to be the most effective for you in attracting the 'right' website visitors!


Your first step is to select a keyword research tool with which you are most comfortable since you will be using it on a frequent basis. Now begin choosing only words and/or phrases that are applicable to your needs! What we are talking about here is developing a keyword list that maintains a distinct relevance to what it is you offer! The more relevant the words or phrase the more targeted traffic you will attract. Remember people only respond to something with which they have an interest therefore properly selecting your words and phrases will only attract beneficial traffic! The more relevant the words the more targeted the traffic, plain and simple!

Evidence of Demand

When researching words and phrases you always want to take note of the recent number of searches done on your selections. It makes little sense to use anything the nobody appears to be searching on since this will obviously bring you poor results. There MUST be an evident demand in terms of search results or you should not use the selected word or phrase. Your intent is to attract website visitors therefore be absolutely certain you have a sizable demand for any keywords you are considering using!

Shy Away From Competition

Now demand is one thing but we also need to consider how 'popular' keywords are in regards to competition. Having competition is good since it demonstrates that the niche, words and/or phrases we are targeting are profitable! On the other hand 'too much' competition will also make your efforts that much harder and your results more disappointing. It is recommended to simply focus on only keywords that have a good demand but with as little competition as possible. Marketing is NOT a test of strength and will but instead guile! Work smarter and whenever possible 'fly below the radar' since this will require the least amount of effort and yield the best results!

Getting free website traffic is always good but it really needs to be targeted traffic otherwise your time and that of the website visitors has been wasted! There must be an interest in what it is you do by anybody who lands on your site for it to be of benefit to anyone. The discussion above focuses on developing a relevant keyword list which you can use to optimize any content you are using to make sure what you attract is indeed targeted traffic. For your list to be most effective you will want to be sure it contains the 3 elements reviewed here today. In doing so both you and any website visitors will stand to benefit more in terms of your profitability and the appeal the content holds for them!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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