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  • Published June 23, 2011
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When working on the internet brand building is highly recommended to make yourself or your business easier to recognize. Although there are many branding strategies you can use none is quite as efficient as when you submit an article. Now these two online marketing strategies on an individual basis can be time consuming but since they both serve different purposes combining them correctly can prove to be very time efficient.

Here are 3 reasons as to how you can actually save time and increase your branding effectiveness when you submit an article for publication online!

Both Require Frequency

Both branding and article submissions require the need to be done on a frequent basis to be most effective. This would be the first 'bond' these two online marketing strategies share and also a very good reason to consolidate the efforts that go into them. Whenever frequency is involve you are looking at an investment of time but if you can work two 'independent' strategies with one effort you save time and boost your efficiency!

Exposure is the Key

When you submit an article your goal is to get it published, take advantage of any viral effect it may offer and ultimately increase your exposure online. Well an effective brand only gets that way from gaining wide recognition therefore here is yet another common 'goal' both these tactics share. Coordinating the efforts behind distributing articles with any brand objectives you may have will help you to achieve two goals with a single effort! Done correctly the results will be the massive exposure needed to create brand awareness along with the traffic received when you submit an article that gets circulated.

Share Relevancy

Both these online marketing strategies need to share the same relevancy to be optimally effective. In other words whatever image, theme or reputation you are trying to develop and establish as your brand must be supported by the articles you write!

While one tends to reinforce the desired image the other, by staying on topic, attracts only targeted traffic. Individually either of these online marketing strategies serve a vital role in business building. Integrating your efforts when implementing them serves to save time and increase your work efficiency!

Brand building like many other online marketing strategies can be time consuming. It is therefore best to integrate this strategy whenever possible with other functions of your business to make the best use of your time. One of the most effective branding strategies you can use is article submissions since this strategy is an excellent tool for developing an image online. When you submit an article you are striving to increase your exposure while also boosting your credibility as well! As the discussion above explains this also serves as a very effective way to reinforce and establish an online brand! By using article submissions as one of your branding strategies you can use your time more efficiently while building both credibility and brand recognition!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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