Organic Baby Formula - How Will It Help Your Baby

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  • Published June 24, 2011
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Every parent wants to know that they are providing their best for their babies. Nutrition is the most important element of the child developmental process, and as such parents look for the best ways in which they can provide their babies with the proper nourishment.

Since more parents are becoming aware of the effects that pesticides have on food processing, the use of organic baby formula has become quite popular. There is not a parent that would like giving their baby milk filled with all sorts of chemicals, and since breastfeeding is time consuming, many mothers have opted for milk substitutes such as organic baby formula.

Organic baby formula is a substitute for breast milk and several mothers choose to use it instead of the regular baby formula, as they think that organic baby formula is healthier. Carcinogens and toxins that are present in regular baby formula are easily absorbed into a baby’s system. These chemicals are not purposefully added to the milk formula; however, they may appear during the manufacturing process in stages such as handling or storage.

Therefore, organic baby formula is a more suitable for your baby to consume than non-organic baby formula. Non-organic baby formulas are manufactured from raw material that contains very high levels of pesticides and other toxins. Once more parents became aware of this, and due to the campaigning of a healthier lifestyle, more parents are now buying organic baby formula.

There are several things that parents should know about proper nourishment before they buy organic milk substitutes for their babies. As a parent you might opt to use organic milk because of the obvious reason that it is healthier; however, babies tend to love organic milk because it is sweeter than its non-organic counterparts.

One of the most popular brands of organic baby formula is Similac Organic. This organic milk formula is sweetened by sucrose, also known as sugar cane, and is something that most babies enjoy. You might be thinking that the sugar contained in this organic baby formula may result in your baby developing juvenile diabetes or childhood obesity, but you don’t have to worry as no cases have ever been reported where babies developed these illnesses after consuming Similac Organic. The thing that you should be most aware of is dental caries as sucrose destroys the enamel of the tooth, which may lead to tooth decay.

You must also note that your baby will refuse to consume solid foods as he/she has become accustomed to the sweet taste of the organic milk formula, which in turn will jeopardize his/her nutritional intake. Therefore, before you start introducing your baby to any type of formula or food, you must first consult with a pediatrician and learn the best ways of providing your baby with the proper nourishment.

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