3 Common Obstacles to Growing a Business Online


  • Author Tj Philpott
  • Published June 27, 2011
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Using the internet for growing a business is a very cost efficient strategy however your success online is not a guarantee! There are certain 'challenges' you can expect to face and need to overcome for business success to be yours! In most cases these obstacles will be more a test of your patience than of your intelligence. Regardless of their degree of difficulty however they can still keep you from achieving your business goals unless managed properly!

Here are 3 of the most common obstacles many face when working online that must be managed or controlled for business success to be achieved!

Dynamic Internet Environment

The internet is a very dynamic environment and as a result is always changing. The very rules, policies and/or algorithms that govern the online community seem to be always shifting or undergoing wholesale changes These changes tend to disrupt and discourage many entrepreneurs since often times these changes alter the paths to their goals. Although in many cases certain adjustments will be required take heart in knowing your competitors are facing the same set of circumstances. Adjust, adapt and move on!

Technical 'Barriers'

In most cases these technical barriers are more intimidating than they are difficult. Being most everybody seeking success online have little or no experience working on the internet, the jargon itself can be confusing. Sadly many allow their 'temporary' confusion to frustrate them to the point of walking away! Ironically enough in many cases success awaited these same people right around the corner and they were not even aware of it!


Having the entire internet at your fingertips can either be a very useful tool or a tremendous distraction. For business success to be achieved online a entrepreneur must 'condition and discipline' themselves to focus on only the information they need and to discard and/or ignore the rest. Much like skimming through any newspaper, magazine or other periodical you will and must learn to quickly find what you need and move on. To succeed at anything you must maintain your focus and working online is no different!

Growing a business with the use of the internet can be very cost efficient but it still can present challenges nonetheless. In many cases it is the same obstacles that tend to keep people from reaching their business goals and achieving success online. These obstacles have been reviewed above and show that in most cases it will be your discipline and not intelligence that will be put to the test. With that said they will need to be addressed accordingly for business success to be achieved when working online.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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