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  • Published July 7, 2011
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There are several ways to become one of the best blog sites within your niche or even the entire internet if you are that ambitious! In most cases it begins with creating something interesting to read for site visitors since this is the only way you will get more blog traffic. However it often goes beyond more that just simply the contents of what you have composed. Posting something people find interesting to read is a great start but you also need to be concerned with its presentation and relevancy as well.

With that said here are 5 common mistakes you need to avoid if you intend to get more blog traffic to your site!

Poor Formatting

The use of sub-titles, bullet points or even brief paragraphs makes viewing easier for the reader. Remember that people 'scan' more than they read when online therefore formatting content in this way will be more accommodating for site visitors. Too much text jammed together will only turn people away!

Lack of Media

Whether it is video, screen shots, graphs or pictures it is best to break up the text with these aids. Offering visual aids of some sort helps engage folks while also encouraging them to make use make of their own imagination as well. Media like this can make the content they are viewing more interesting to read so always try to include it in some way!

Inappropriate Headline

The title or headline can dazzle but should always be accurately descriptive so as to not mislead folks who depend on it to sum up what they are about to view. Having a headline that does not correspond well with the composition it represents will result in many leaving the post and possible the site!

Going Way Off Target

You want more blog traffic then give site visitors more of what attracted them in the first place in terms of information! The platform you have needs to maintain relevancy to the theme it represents therefore keep your posts focused upon subject matter that does so! Drifting away from the theme of the site when posting updates will only confuse readers and eventually drive them away therefore stay on target!

Much About Nothing

Posting content that serves little or nor purpose is bad enough but when your posts are long you will drive readers away. Think in terms of having a conversation with someone who begins rambling on making no point and just taking up your time. What is your first inclination? To walk of course and remember this is even easier to do when viewing something that makes little sense and/or is NOT interesting to read. If you have nothing worthy to post then wait till you do and do not compromise your reputation or tarnish a readers enthusiasm with sub-standard content!

There are several variables that go into becoming one of the best blog sites in your chosen niche. Of course your popularity will start with being sure you create something site visitors find interesting to read but there is more involved. The 'way' you present the content on your platform weighs heavily in whether it will generate more blog traffic for you and should not be overlooked. Viewing ease is a significant factor in the level of satisfaction sites visitors may experience. The 5 common mistakes discussed above point out common oversights many people are guilty of but can easily fix and avoid. Simply focusing more on maintaining relevancy and catering to the 'visual' experience people will encounter will serve to generate more blog traffic for your platform.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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