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  • Published July 13, 2011
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Although building a brand is something that should be started as soon as possible for anyone who works online it is never too late to do so! Ideally, as most profitable businesses will tell you, brand building is something you want to begin work on as soon as possible to improve your promotional effectiveness. However many entrepreneurs are not fully aware of the importance of brand building until long after they launch their business, so is it too late at that point to even bother? The answer would be no and in some cases people who do delay branding their business may in fact have a bit of an advantage!

Here are 3 suggestions for anybody who works online as to how they can still implement effective branding strategies well after the initial launch of their business!

Use Old Articles

Most anybody who works online uses articles to some degree in the marketing strategy. Look into your 'archives' and dust off any that have a direct relevance to image you want to establish. You can rewrite some for republication or even package them into a free viral giveaway for use on a squeeze page. The advantage you have here is the backlog of old articles you can 'dip' into for use in your brand building efforts!

Do You Blog?

Blogging is a popular and effective way that many of the most profitable businesses use to promote online. This platform allows for you to build relationships, credibility and a loyal following all at a minimal cost. Much like articles you can 'sift' through old posts that once again reinforce the image or identity you want to establish. These postings can be given new life and a new purpose by bookmarking them or leaving their links at any social networking sites. The use of social media is huge in terms of the viral effect they can offer for distributing your message!

Realign Your Social Network Profile

While we are speaking of social sites do not overlook the importance of the profile you create when using these sites for brand building. Be sure the profile you have is aligned with the image you are reinforcing. If it is not then it is time to 'tweak' it so there is the consistency you want and need for your efforts to be successful. Here too if you already have been using these sites you likely have a network or following to build upon so use this to your advantage!

Building a brand is something most profitable businesses strongly endorse since it gives you a competitive edge. The question is if brand building can still be effectively carried out in the more advance stages of a business? As our discussion above reveals brand building can most certainly be done at any stage. In addition there are even certain advantages older businesses can use to help them establish the image they choose. For anybody who works online, although it is advisable to implement branding strategies upon launch, it is never to late to do so at any stage. In this case better late than never certainly applies!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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