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  • Published July 20, 2011
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If a person is looking to get into the sport of paintball, they must first take the time to learn about the different styles of paintball guns that exist. There are three main styles, and they all have very different uses. Being able to use the guns for what they are specifically intended to do will give a person a lot more success when it comes to playing against the other elite paintballers. The three guns are broken down below so that they can all be considered before the next game.

The Pistol

A small weapon with a limited amount of shots, this is generally carried in large games, because a player is worried that he or she will run out of ammunition with a larger gun. It can be worn as a sidearm. If a person does run out of shots and he or she is in no position to go get more, and is not carrying any extras, having a pistol along is the only way to continue to survive the fight.

The Assault Rifle

This is the main gun that people tend to use when they play paintball. It is about two feet long and has a barrel that protrudes less than a foot from the body. It has a hopper than can be mounted on the top where the supply of ammunition is stored. If people have never played before, they are best off with this gun. It can be shot rapidly, carried easily, and it is fairly accurate. It excels in most of the common situations that will arise within a game.

The Sniper Rifle

This is a dangerous weapon to carry. Many people buy new barrels and put them onto their rifles in order to turn them into sniper rifles. The barrels are much longer, giving the gun a bit more accuracy for long-distance shots. The person might increase the amount of power in the gun. A paintballer may want to carry a pistol as well for close-range encounters.


Noting the different capabilities is not saying that guns cannot be used for things that they were not intended to be used for when they were designed. An assault rifle might be able to make a shot that most people would want to use a sniper rifle to take. A pistol might be able to win a firefight if the person shooting is able to reload quickly and aim accurately. Using the right guns for the right situations, however, will give a person a much better chance of winning.

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