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  • Author Tj Philpott
  • Published July 22, 2011
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Most popular blogs recognize that their success is dependent upon maintaining reader satisfaction therefore content development is a priority! Along these lines the blog writer must also appreciate the need for creating a sense of community since this will help strengthen loyalty which leads to referrals and more blog traffic!

With all that being said here are 3 objectives every blog writer must focus on when preparing updates to be posted on the site!

Engaging Presentation

Part of the content development process is deciding how the information people view is to be delivered. The main objective here is to try and engage viewers as soon as possible. Create something that reaches out to the reader and get them more involved in what you wrote. The use of satirical humor, personal opinion or even criticism when appropriate all have the potential to capture reader interest. Taking this approach offers a different 'spin' on the contents of what people are presented and tends to increase its entertainment value.

Unpopular is the New Popular

Identify a popular issue or subject than take a stance counter to public opinion and you are sure to get notice along with a healthy dose of feedback. Strange as it is people seem to love getting riled up when they feel their stance or opinion is being threatened! When a blog writer presents something that questions the norm it is best to also present reasons as to why this stance has been taken. By doing so it makes it more difficult for readers to simply 'dismiss' the update as rubbish. Invariably their reaction creates a stir that leads to more blog traffic rushing to your site to see what the commotion is all about!

Encourage Participation

Always ask readers for their thoughts or comments in different ways throughout your entries with leading statements or even direct questions. The more participation/comments you can generate the greater the 'buzz' you will create! This approach also helps to build the sense of community all blogs need so that readers feel more a part of the growth and development the site experiences. This is where their growing loyalty tends to generate more blog traffic as they refer others to the site.

Most popular blogs are fully aware that their success is contingent upon their content development since this is what ultimately leads to a loyal following. Not to be overlooked however is the need to establish a sense of community since this deepens reader loyalty and leads to more blog traffic from the referrals this loyalty generates! The discussion above focuses on 3 objectives every blog writer must target when preparing updates to be posted on the platform. By achieving these objectives readers will not only enjoy what the blog writer has prepared for them but will also feel more a part of a site that continues to grow in traffic and popularity!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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