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  • Author Pravin Ganore
  • Published August 10, 2011
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Do not tell me that you never write! Each of us in the shower is grapho-maniac. We write everywhere. Wherever one looks, there's something written. Well, if you did not notice and it is almost impossible, then certainly at least once somewhere painted.

But when we come to the Internet, you leave your caption and consider yourself a writer. It is necessary to create your page, and then you could get engaged in "writing" as your soul desires. But for many it is not under force. First learn HTML-language, and then another, and write scripts. But if you could do it all, then after a couple of months, you could divide the desire to fill up the page, and then it becomes a blog on the World Wide Web.

But time is changing, and now you do not need to create a site for your own creations. Now there are blogs. What is it? This is the usual online journal, which you can maintain at least for a lifetime. If someone reads your online diary, and likes it, then that person will be able to send you a message by writing a comment on a particular record.

If you're already blogging, you all are familiar with what I say. Live Journals have appeared because people need to write, and very much would like to record those events which have occurred to them during the day. Remember, when you go to any girlfriend, and she suddenly regiments a personal diary, you cannot stop yourself, and read at least a couple of pages. Now that blogs have shrouded the whole Internet, it simply opened up tremendous opportunities - not just read other entries, but also to criticize them or praise.

At its core, a blog - this is a chronological record of events, written or just really described by one or several authors. Sometimes, reading blogs, you can find someone else to read stories or poems. But then again, everything would be boring to see the sight of one text. The blogs are more than a book where you can embed photos or pictures that show your mood or to diversify your online diary.

Blog - this is not a chat and a forum where all communicate with everyone. In a nutshell, this is the place for your benefit. And who knows, maybe through your blog you become famous.. Right?

If you are wondering how to blog, then it's very simple: you'll run into the usual editor, which resembles our beloved Word. All of this mechanism, or more simply, a script on the dedicated server, and when you request a page to write a comment or describe the events of the day, you are directly or indirectly accessing this script.

Blogs are also considered to be the means of communication on the Internet and the number of writers is growing every day.

I am a webmaster and a writer who writes articles on various topics that include Internet Marketing, Cloud Services, Providers, Dedicated Server, Data Center and much more.

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