What best golf drivers are made of?

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  • Published August 16, 2011
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You will find many golf drivers with the head covered available at many golf shops. These days the persimmon driver is considered to be favorite of young professionals also though it existed since last 20 years. There have been many advances in the spot and the sweet technology that is available in the various sizes, launch angle, composition, ball speed and the forgiveness, tension angle also are important in the golf drivers and professionals prefer it.

There are vast array of choices in market available for the golf drivers and if you choose branded and the right one then you should find the right one as it will enhance the hitting capabilities testing the efficiency of the golf driver. The shaft and the loft have to be very sturdy and hard to hit such that it should not be damaged by easily while playing.



Today the steel drivers also cost less due to the modern day titanium drivers. The small and the round head is due to the low metal weakness that indicates the decrease in head density such that the metal used is not very hard but durable enough to hold the long lasting capacity. It is very durable with the solid and consistent connection makes the ball to hit hard. The steel rods used also are not very durable sometimes but the manufacturing and the detailing of the product makes it bulky and easy to hit. But with heavy head the ball doesn't goes too far.


One of the most remarkable development in the golf technology is the invent of titanium driver. The light weight sweet spot will increase the driving capabilities while hitting. The large size driver will not increase the sweet spot but it will also increase the forgiveness of the driver while trying hands with the golf stick. In order to avoid the technical specifications the golf drivers must be usually handpicked from best professional stores. This will allow ten golfers to play safe play. Titanium is considered to be very durable material as that can easily resist corrosion and will not break off easily. Titanium is also very expensive material but the impact while playing is amazing.


The non metal material that combines titanium is known as the composite material. The composite part is very light weight due to the presence of carbon material so the weight reduces.

So, have you thought that how important is the modern day golf driver? You should always know how to strike the ball especially if you do not whack over 250 yards then you may feel of losing the game. Today professional golf drivers are known for the efficiency with which they strike the ball and the driving efficiency also matters. We still are waiting for the recent driving show even after the advent of the best golf drivers.

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