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  • Author Nancy Cleary
  • Published September 3, 2011
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For quite a while, blogging has changed the internet as we know it. Websites that contain static, uninteresting content is a thing of the past.

Bloggers are now a popular source of new and interesting content for online users around the globe. The blogging community is constantly evolving and changing due to a steady, infinite stream of fresh information written and published by normal people like you and me. One great thing about the blogging community is that anyone and everyone can make a contribution to it. Anyone can start blogging and submit your comments and content in no time using the best open source blogging platform available. In my opinion this is WordPress.

By installing WordPress on your website, you can have a blog up and running today. If you have never heard of WordPress, you have probably seen many blogs created by this software. Many of the world's largest corporations and publications use WordPress to reach their consumers and/or readers.

If you are assuming that since a large number of major corporations are using WordPress for their blogs, and have concluded that it is probably too complex for a beginning blogger, you have assumed wrong. Since WordPress is so simple to use, and anyone can begin a blog utilizing this software.

There is a reason why everyone from normal people like you and me to huge corporations have chosen WordPress. It is because it is simple, flexible and easy to use. It is also free.

There are many benefits of choosing WordPress as your blogging platform. Below is a list of some of these:

WYSIWYG editor, save drafts, and publish now or later.

A large support community, free templates, plugins, widgets and other tools to assist you with modifying your blog to meet your needs.

Change the entire appearance of you blog using themes with one click.

Google loves WordPress sites, which makes Search Engine Optimization a little easier.

Provides built-in RSS feed.

Categorize and tag blog posts.

Creation of static pages.

Blog talk feature.

Free and paid plugins and themes that will give you more functionality to meet the needs of each of your blog sites.

Sell and/or recommend products to earn money.

The possibilities are literally endless and the list above does not even scratch the surface of the benefits of a WordPress blog. Some of the article submission sites that I submit articles to have been created using WordPress.

No matter what your needs are, starting a WordPress blog is a great place to start, especially if you do not know how to create a website and would like to share information, create an online shop, a magazine, portfolio, review site, your own auction site, etc. Like I said, the possibilities are endless.

Get started at wordpress.org. You will need web hosting and a domain name. There are many tutorials to walk you through this simple process. You can also have WordPress host your blog by signing up at wordpress.com. Have a fun and successful blogging experience!

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