Pizzelle Maker - 3 Hints For Making Better Pizzelle

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  • Published September 10, 2011
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Although they look very ornate, pizzelle are really simple cookies to make. However, a novice can be intimidated since the cookies are not baked in the oven. Instead, they are made in baches on a heated pizzelle maker.

Using a pizzelle maker is easy if you know a few of the tips and tricks to working it. The tips below are directed towards an electric maker -- some may apply for the handheld stovetop variety as well.

Oil It Thoroughly -- When new to making pizzelle, many people have problems with how to remove the finished cookies from the iron without them sticking to it. Even if you have a nonstick model, oiling it well before you use it ensure that the finished cookies slide off of the iron when you remove them.

Oil the pizzelle maker before you heat it. Spray it with cooking spray or take a paper towel with oil on it and rub it over the plates. This may make you wonder if your cookies will be oily and bad-tasting. But only the first set cooked will be affected. Consider these first couple of cookies just prepwork for making the real batch.

Do Not Depend On The Indicator Light -- Many electric pizzelle makers have indicator lights. They can be handy, but I find they are not very accurate. The only light I pay attention to is the one that lets me know whether the maker is heating or is fully heated. Instead, I watch the steam escaping out of the iron as the cookies are being heated. When the steam lessens or stops, I check to see if the cookies are finished. However, there are differences between each model of pizzelle maker. You need to test out different methods to see which indicators work best for you. This is true whether you keep track of the steam, set a timer, or use the indicator lights.

Imperfections Are Not A Problem -- When their pizzelle do not turn out perfect and round, some people are frustrated. Perfectly round edges are not common on pizzelle made with electric makers. They are more likely to occur with handheld makers over the stove. Also, dropping the dough off-center is also a common issue, resulting in a cookie with part of the grid on it and part of the flat overflow. Remember -- not every cookie needs to be perfect. The batch as a whole will look and taste great.

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