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  • Author Jeremy Bolt
  • Published September 20, 2011
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Photo slideshow software is an essential tool for any photographer to have at their disposal, professional or not. Photo slideshow software offers a great way to present your photos in a more interesting and unique way, conveying a new level of artistic message that viewers won't forget in such a hurry. One such solution that you should try is called Photo Slideshow Creator, a complete tool for making stunning photo slideshows complete with a great choice of wonderful transition special effects and much more. The software provides the most user-friendly possible way of making your photo slideshows with its wide variety of preset themes and effects. It will save you time, allowing you to turn your collections of images into stunning photo slideshows in a matter of minutes. Requiring minimal effort, using the themes gives you a wide choice of possible results and there is something for every occasion. You can then save your results into a variety of different formats or burn them onto a DVD or CD.

Photo Slideshow Creator is the complete solution for all your photo slideshow presentation needs. It comes abundant with features which provide a great deal more than many other slideshow solutions. You will be able to find suitable themes for just about any type of presentation and the transition effects provide plenty to choose from as well. There are effects such as image dissolution, leafing, curling and much more. Images may also blend into the next one. Audio effects such as background music can be added to slideshows as well and these audio-related features have no limitations either. Various formats are supported. With all of these features combined, you can present your photo archives in a professional and artistic way.

Using Photo Slideshow Creator, users may also save their slideshows as video files. This is a very welcome feature for those who wish to be able to take their creations beyond the limitations of the computer screen. Instead, you have the option available to convert your slideshows to video files which can then be burned directly to DVD or CD if required. You can then play back the slideshow on any conventional home DVD player or even on game consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox. The program also supports video formats optimized for use on mobile devices or for those used on video streaming websites like YouTube.

Photo Slideshow Creator is one of the best solutions for quickly and reliably creating professional photo slideshows without the complications that come with various other solutions. It provides unique features as well, such as its ability to use virtual monitors and fully customizable design themes. You can use the professional-looking results to advertise a business, such as, for example, a portfolio of properties for a real estate business.

For those who want to get started with professional photo slideshow software, you can find the homepage for Photo Slideshow Creator over at . There's a trial version of the program available as well as an overview of the program and screenshots of it in action.

Jeremy Bolt uses photo slideshow creator to present his photo collections in both professional scenarios and for sharing with friends and family.

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