Video Games Compared to Traditional Toys

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  • Published October 15, 2011
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Everyone can always remember one particular toy from their childhood which stands out compared to the rest, this could be a certain doll or an action figure. It's hard to understand why one toy is more likely to capture a child's imagination because more often than not it is purely down to the child's preference. However with the introduction of video games, times have changed drastically with children often opting to sit in front of a television instead of playing with an action figure in the garden on a sunny day.

It's difficult to understand the implications of video games on our children as there is little evidence to go on. Computer games are a relatively new invention and are constantly changing with the games industry evolving at a rapid pace. This makes it even more difficult to monitor its effects because by the time research has been carried out on a particular console, it can be obsolete.

Some critics argue that certain games are violent and have negative effects on children. However this is the view of a minority and the decision of whether a child should play a certain game lies with the parent and their own judgement. Most boys will always have an obsession with violence and this dates back to before video games were created, with children playing with replica guns or toy swords. These are often used to imitate their heroes from cartoons or films and parents should not be alarmed as long as the violent nature is controlled and the children act out on the side of good rather than evil.

Technology is advancing at a swift pace and it is natural to embrace the positive benefits it can offer us in life. This can be through pure enjoyment of playing a game or it could be more focused to aid a child's development. Although due to the nature of video games, a child has to be around 6 years old to be able to understand how to operate the machine and to have the attention span necessary. Below this age, simpler toys are of greater benefit to help the brain to develop, such as using puzzles or jigsaws.

It is often argued that a child's imagination is stunted by the constraints supplied by a video game and this is true for some cases. With a doll or action figure, a child's imagination is allowed to roam wherever it may choose. For these reasons it is important that a child does not spend all of their play time with video games. Traditional toys should not be ignored for the various benefits they can offer to a child's development.

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