Don't Let the Rain Stop Your Parade!

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  • Published August 15, 2011
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The fickle UK summer is always on the tip of our tongues here in the La Fille Unique studio. Rain or shine? Chills or sunbeams? Wind or welcome breeze? Well, if there's one thing we Brits know about, it's making sure we're well prepared for the worst the weather has to throw at us!

Rain, Rain... Go Away!

It may be summer, but a good weatherproof coat like Little Paul and Joe's gorgeous black (with floral detailing) trench coat is a great stand-by to keep in your little water baby's wardrobe. Better to have her singin' in the rain than being grumpy and wet in it!

To cope with a short, sharp shower we absolutely love Imps and Elfs blue jacket raincoat. The bright cobalt blue is a chic summer hue and partners wonderfully with the lightweight design and fabric.

A Blustery Day Out

Wind can be horribly penetrating stuff, getting into all the gaps and open knits of your little summer baby's designer kid's clothes with horrible precision! The Imps and Elfs blue jacket we've already mentioned also makes a great windproof, keeping out nasty chills and winter-like winds.

Even on yummy warm days it's a good idea to keep a comfy piece of knitwear on standby. We love the Louis Louise range of hand-knit cardigans and Marie Chantal crochet cardigan in cream.

Chilly Enchanted Evenings

This summer our little ones are all kitted-out with Milk on the Rocks' velour leggings. They're wonderfully snug and ideal to be tucked away just in case.

Pretty As a Picture

Taking photos of our children can sometimes be a little like trying to herd kittens! Taking really great natural photos of them... impossible? We love designer boy's and girl's fashion shoots here in the La Fille Unique studio, so here are a few expert photographer tips we've cajoled out of our favourite picture wizards just for you!

:Don't worry too much about giving direction to under-fives. These little monkeys are usually happy just doing their own thing and playing in their own wonderful little world. If there are no adults or older kids in the photo, the odds are good you'll easily get some brilliant natural shots. It more about environment and lighting than trying to pose.

:Think about colours. Perhaps a heavily patterned carpet or drapes may not best help your little ones to stand out in the photo. Beaches, gardens - anywhere with lots of natural light and nature about - usually make excellent candid photo spots. Off to the beach? Avoid having little mermaids wearing sandy coloured girl's dresses. Opt instead for something bold like Bobo Choses' denim dungarees.

:A little planning can go a long way. Of course, "natural" doesn't have to mean you didn't' put a little thought into setting it up. Consider simple situations like asking the kids to stand in a line holding hands a little way away, when you say "Go" they all run towards you allowing you to take several shots. The trick of them holding hands is a great way of getting them all running in the same direction and stopping them bumping into one another!

Most little girls love to dress up in pretty outfits, and every parent wants to ensure their child is well dressed at all times. Here at La Fille Unique we can provide you with a range of the most stunning girl's designer clothing from some of the most recognisable girl's fashion brands in the industry, including Simonetta, Calvin Klein, Kenzo, Il Gufo, Little Paul & Joe and Marie Chantal.

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