"Pack" to School: Three Tips for a Quick College Move-In

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  • Published October 20, 2011
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You’ve worked hard, you’ve done your extra-curriculars, and you’ve made it through graduation, now how do you get your kids settled into college? Letting them grow up is hard enough, there shouldn’t be an added anxiety in helping your college-bound baby make the transition. That’s why we’ve gone and gathered info from the pro’s to make the move hassle-free and keep things quick. Who are these industry insiders giving us trade secrets? Moms and Dads who’ve been there before.

1: Experience Helps

Before driving down University Ave, find a bit about your specific destination from people who’ve been there before. You’re not the first parents to make this trip and you can gain a lot of insight from those who have a year or two under their belt. Ask around your neighborhood or reach out to an alumni forum to ask for first hand advice. Knowing about where to park and how long you’ll have to unload, or if move-in happens in waves can be instrumental information in planning your move.

  1. To Bring or Not To Bring

School might be very far from home, so you don’t want to leave anything behind, but that doesn’t mean bring the whole room. Often times, schools have a list of recommended clothes based on seasonal climate and dormitory conditions. Some dorms are lucky enough to have AC, others were built in the 18th century. Use their list as a guide, but remember that anything forgotten can typically be purchased from a local department store (though you can expect higher prices). For longer moves by car, it may be more reasonable to leave the fan at home and buy one when you get settled. Remember, you’re arriving at a small space: pack accordingly.

3: Plan the Pack

Once you have some idea of what you’re taking, you will need a game plan for setting up the room. Be conscious of the order you put things in your car so they come out in a way that sets up the functionality of the room. Pack larger furnishings like the TV and mini fridge last so when you start unloading, the more permanent fixtures are out of the way. No point in making the bed if you’re just going to dirty it with crates and bins from the garage. Keep the linens and decoration toward the end, have one person arranging the room as the other makes trips to the car.

College is a place to learn not only higher education, but untold life lessons. The sooner they get settled, the sooner they begin to grow. It may be difficult to let your little one go away to school, but it shouldn’t be hard to move them in. Once you have the room arranged, be sure to celebrate with lunch at a local hangout. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your many, many efforts as your child adjusts to the new scene and you’ll have started your first step on a new journey as well.

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