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  • Author Jennifer Eltringham
  • Published November 10, 2011
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Are you trying to make your child’s room a special place of their very own? Has your child been asking for a "new" room? Check out the following suggestions and you may soon be on your way to making your child’s room their own.

  1.    Think about your child’s personality.  What type of things does he or she enjoy?   Ask your child what kind of room he or she envisions for herself.  Children even as young as two years old have distinct likes and dislikes. Talk with your son or daughter about a few different themes they are interested in and let them choose which they like the best.
  2.   A fresh coat of paint in bright colors is a quick and inexpensive way of creating a special place.  You could let your child choose their room colors entirely on their own.  After all, it can always be repainted.  If you aren’t feeling quite so brave you could narrow down a few colors that would work the best and let them choose from them.  Most children like bright and cheerful colors; however some may find more neutral colors to be comforting.  Chalkboard and whiteboard type paints are popular and can be used on a small area to provide a fun and creative space.
  3.  Create special areas in the room for specific activities.  Make their bed inviting and comfortable by using soft bedding for girls or bedding for boys made from quality materials.    Many unique themed kids bedding sets are available that will please your little one.  If you child seems to change his or her mind frequently perhaps choose a solid colored comforter and window treatment and several themed sheet sets that can be interchanged depending on your child’s wants.  Be sure to include a special reading place in your son or daughter’s room.  A small bookshelf will be perfect for keeping those favorite books close at hand.  If space allows, provide easy access to favorite toys using an additional bookshelf or brightly colored storage bins.  
  4. Add personalized touches around your child’s room.  All children love to see their own artwork displayed.  Choose a poster frame or two that can easily hold various pieces of your child’s work.  A cork board is another great way to display all of those favorite pieces. Children also love to see their name in print.  Personalize your child’s room by adding objects with his or her name on them.  In addition, colorful accent pillow are a great and inexpensive way to add your child’s favorite colors to their room.

Overall, making your child’s room a special place of their own is rather easy. Have fun planning and decorating your little one’s space.

Author, Jennifer Eltringham, is the independent business owner of, and the mother of four children.

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