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  • Author Michael Weller
  • Published December 13, 2011
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With MP3 being the most popular format for audio files, it is often necessary to cut MP3 files into smaller pieces. For example, you may want to cut out a part of a popular song and use it as a ringtone for your mobile phone. Another example, a file may be too big to fit onto some media (like CD), and you need to split the MP3 into several files, making sure that each part is no bigger than required. It is also not uncommon to have a complete music album saved as a single music file, in which case you may want to cut the MP3 into separate tracks for better access.

Easy MP3 Cutter is a specialized tool for splitting MP3 and WAV files. It offers a wide range of splitting methods. You can cut MP3 into any number of parts, or split the audio file so that each part does not exceed the size that you specify. Yet another option is to split MP3 into parts with the given duration.

An even more interesting feature of the MP3 cutter is its silence detection engine. When dealing with a music album packed into a single file, the user does not need to set split points manually, which would require listening to the file, setting and adjusting points where the file has to be cut, verifying the result etc. Easy MP3 Cutter will do all of this automatically, in a few seconds. The program scans the file for pauses and use them to extract MP3 tracks. Thus it will recognize and extract individual songs much quicker than any human could do. After this, a click on the "Split" button will cut MP3 into individual tracks.

However, not every file can be split automatically. You may want to cut out a certain part, or split the MP3 exactly at certain points. This is where some manual editing would be required, and Easy MP3 Cutter offers another useful tool here. It builds and displays the waveform of the loaded file. Looking at the waveform, one can immediately recognize where the sound gets louder or lower, which allows to work with the MP3 or WAV file visually. A double click on the waveform will make the program play the file from that point. Parts to extract can be marked directly on the waveform using a left click for setting the beginning of the part and a right click for setting the end. There is also a "one-click split" mode in the MP3 cutter, it allows to cut MP3 quicker than we could do using the other method ("precise marking"), but adjusting boundaries of each part is easier with the "precise marking" method.

Unlike other MP3 splitter tools, Easy MP3 Cutter does not convert MP3 to WAV in order to split the file. The program cuts MP3 directly, which means that the output MP3 files retain the sound quality of the source file, while with tools that convert MP3 to WAV for splitting (and then back to MP3) this is not the case. Furthermore, no huge uncompressed WAV files are created in the process, which saves time and disc space.

As its name suggests, Easy MP3 Cutter is a user-friendly MP3 splitting program created to make the process of cutting MP3 files as easy as possible. On the other hand, it offers such powerful features as silence detection, visual MP3 splitting, direct cutting of MP3 files. This makes it interesting both for computer newbies and for demanding professionals.

Michael Weller has a big and rapidly growing collection of MP3 files. He uses an MP3 cutter program to split big MP3 files into smaller ones and to extract required parts.

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