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  • Author Molly French
  • Published November 17, 2011
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Security at Children's Nursery is of paramount importance not only to parents but to staff/child minders alike. There are many ways of improving security and CCTV systems are a great tool when enhancing the security of your property or business.

Children's nurseries around the UK are very security conscious and need every help they can get to ensure their nursery is as secure as possible. Parents/carers want to see all types of security systems in place at their child's nursery. This can be a major part of the decision of which nursery you will choose for your child.

External CCTV Cameras can be used for the entrance and outside areas of the nursery. Most nurseries have a garden area where the children can play when weather allows, this area would also be covered by the external CCTV Cameras. They can either be body shaped type cameras or dome cameras. There are many options of cameras to install, but I would recommend you install the weather proof and vandal proof cameras to minimize any potential issues.

The internal areas would be covered ideally by colour or day / night dome cameras. They are fairly discrete but record the necessary areas if positioned correctly. You would need to think about if you would need to record anything in darkness, then you would have to chose the day/night cameras. If the property is left in darkness overnight it would be recommended to install the day/night cameras in case of a break in or damage of property. Then this would be recorded onto your CCTV system as well.

You can set your cameras to record continuously or on motion detection, ie the system only records when there is movement in front of cameras. To save space and minimize unnecessary recording during night time, motion detection is in most cases the preferred option.

If the nursery requires an even more discrete camera set up, you can use covert cameras, for example in fire alarms and as PIR cameras. It may be in certain areas of the nursery that these type of cameras would be useful. However it is crucial you follow all rules and regulations in regards to CCTV recordings, signage etc, it is vital you display the correct signage so people are aware of the fact that they may/will be recorded once entering the premises.

It is also possible to have audio and in certain areas of the nursery this may be of an advantage to management.

Some Children's Nurseries have got the CCTV system networked and allow the parents/carers of the children at their nursery to view footage online. They would get logon details and they could then log onto the nurseries CCTV System to have a look at their child at any time of their convenience. This can be done over the internet using an IP address or you could purchase an address of your choice which the parents/carers could use. This would for example be the name of the nursery to make it easier for people to remember the address rather than having to remember an IP address.

Throughout the UK the need for more secure and robust CCTV systems for all types of businesses are increasing rapidly. I believe the Children's Nurseries must implement CCTV system along with the possibility of Access Control and Video Door Entry system.

Security at Children's Nursery is of paramount importance not only to parents but to staff/child minders alike.

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