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No matter how good you think you are at parenting, you an always use some good advice to improve your skills and give your children the best chance in life. The sound advice found in this article can give you a real advantage in dealing with the complex issues you may face every day to be the best parent you can be right now.

Never feed your baby or toddler low-fat or skim milk as a primary source of nutrition. Infants and young children need a larger amount of fat in their diet in order for the brain to grow and develop properly. Early childhood is definitely not the time to diet!

Make sure you start feeding your kid healthy food from a very young age if you want it to catch on. You should start out with all-natural organic baby food products and then try to expand on healthy food from there. Sure, some other things in moderation will be okay, but treats should be the exception and not the rule.

An important tip to consider in terms of parenting is to make sure that you feed your baby the best foods possible in terms of nutrition. The foods that your baby consumes are essential to the development of the brain and body. Make sure that you closely follow all product safety warnings and suggestions.

If you are becoming frustrated as a new parent, put your baby in a safe place and walk away. The crib or pack and play can serve well for this purpose. Take some time to breathe and calm down, so that you don't unintentionally harm your child. You will thank yourself for this when your baby remains safe.


If your toddler will not eat vegetables try hiding them in their foods! You can add diced vegetables to many foods such as macaroni and cheese or pancakes. Your toddler will not know the difference when they are eating a muffin that they think is a treat but it has carrots grated in it!

To instill the value of social graces in your toddler, start early. Encourage him to wave hello and goodbye and to actually say hello and goodbye once he is able to speak. Also lead by example and greet your spouse, family, and friends with a cheerful greeting upon seeing them.

Make sure that you make meal time fun for your toddler. This can involve cutting your foods into fun shapes, using many colors or textures, or using a fun plate to feed them on. This will encourage them to actually finish their meal when you sit them down to eat it.

For a fun road-trip treat for your toddler, paint an old cake pan or cookie sheet with chalkboard paint and provide a piece of sidewalk chalk (or regular chalk, if your child is past the age where she might put it in her mouth). You can also glue a picture onto a large magnet and then cut it into several large pieces, making a great puzzle that your child can assemble on the pan.

Learning something new to improve your parenting skills shows that you care about being a better parent and using the practical advice from the article above will give you the confidence you need to keep getting better. It is never too late to add to your knowledge of good parenting.

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