Use Radio Automation Software for Providing Background and Radio Music

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  • Published January 8, 2012
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Radio automation software is the best solution for automating all of your broadcasting needs whether you want to provide background music for a pub, club, shop or any other kind of public venue or you want to provide automated radio broadcasting for online or terrestrial radio stations. RadioBOSS provides everything that you need to tend to all aspects of radio broadcasting from advertising tracks to exceptionally high quality audio playback. Exceptionally easy to use, RadioBOSS still provides a wide range of features to help you easily customize your audio playback to make it as suitable as possible for your venue. RadioBOSS is powerful and stable and thanks to this, you can confidently leave it running unattended for as long as you require. You can have it look after all of your broadcasting needs for as much time as you require.

Radio automation software is suitable not only for running online and terrestrial radio stations. It's ideal for any kind of automated audio playback in any kind of public venue as well. For providing background music, it is ideal since, once set up and configured, it requires no further intervention from the user. Broadcasting is completely stress-free and straightforward instead. All you need to do is configure the program in the first instance to work the way you want it to. The interface is user-friendly and working with the software is as intuitive and self-explanatory as possible. It's well optimized and the features require no special knowledge to take complete advantage of. No previous experience is required to be able to get the most out of this software straight out of the box.

Since the whole purpose of this radio automation software is to allow you to have all of your radio broadcasting thoroughly automated and unattended, it is obvious just how important reliability and program stability is. RadioBOSS provides an exceptionally stable and versatile player that never crashes and never causes problems that can prevent your audio from being broadcasted at all times. While the software automates everything, you can still enjoy having complete control over what is actually played whenever you want. There's also an audio converter included for overcoming those tedious compatibility problems. This is more important than ever in a world where there are dozens of different audio formats. There's also a convenient audio database providing you with a centralized collection where you can manage all of your audio tracks from one place.

RadioBOSS provides an extremely stable and versatile player component which supports all of the popular formats out there. Any compatibility problems can usually be overcome with the audio converter and native support for even some of the rarer formats. The radio automation software is ideal for any kind of commercial use since it provides support for automatic volume increases when advertising tracks, announcements and jingles are played.

RadioBOSS uses all of your available hardware with its full support for multichannel sound cards. You can also customize the way your audio sounds thanks to a 12-band equalizer and a number of special audio effect controls.

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