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  • Author Ron Frey
  • Published January 6, 2012
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Every holiday brings certain traditions and for the espresso coffee makers flavored drinks are definitely a lot of fun and a great way to spice up the season. There are many recipe combinations for espresso drinks especially the lattes and this Eggnog Spice Latte is a true all-time favorite. It is very easy to make once you have a basic latte perfected and it allows one to use a little creativity as well. Follow the directions below but don’t hesitate to be a little innovative so that you might have a latte with your own personal signature.

The basic ingredients for an Eggnog Spice Latte in a 12 oz wide mouth cup are:

  1. Two shots (ounces) of extracted espresso, adjust the amount of espresso to your personal preference.

  2. Six – eight ounces of eggnog. Light or low fat eggnog can be used if calories are a concern. You can also use a 50/50 combination of low fat milk and eggnog if you prefer.

  3. Whipped cream.

  4. Nutmeg.

  5. Pumpkin Spice (a dash or two) – Optional in place of nutmeg.

  6. Brown Sugar ( ½ to 1 heaping teaspoon)-- Optional

The basic directions are as follows:

  1. Pour eggnog (and milk if used) into frothing pitcher, preferably stainless steel with a thermometer.

  2. Add brown sugar and pumpkin spice if desired to eggnog and stir. As mentioned above, if the pumpkin spice is used the nutmeg should be eliminated as the two combined seem to be a little to harsh.

  3. Heat or froth eggnog keeping temperature below 150 degrees. Do not exceed 150 degrees as this tends to break down the eggnog.

  4. Pull the two shots of espresso (or desired amount) directly into a pre-heated cup. Pour the eggnog mixture into the cup and add a whipped cream topping and then sprinkle with nutmeg. The nutmeg should be used sparingly but is highly recommended as it seems to leave the pallet with a clean and crisp feeling without a sweet after taste.

A couple of other ingredients that can be added or substituted are pumpkin puree (a tablespoon or two) and or vanilla (one teaspoon). Obviously using all of the ingredients listed would be a little over the top for most of us so it is recommended to start with the basic recipe and then add one ingredient and maybe subtract or lesson another at the same time. All of these ingredients are complimentary to the eggnog base and are not meant to overtake it.

As always we hope here at that this will help you enjoy your espresso coffee making experience during this Holiday Season and throughout the New Year.

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