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  • Published January 14, 2012
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The Paper Jamz Pro Mic is great for those who love to sing. Paper Jamz actually corrects the pitch, adds depth to one’s voice and performs a lot of effects to make you sound like a rocking pop star.

Paper Jamz is basically a microphone and a small unit which you can hang around your belt. The unit has an amplifier and an auto tuner which will turn your off-key singing into melodious notes. This amazing toy improves your tone and adds some special effects. It offers four different modes; the perfect pitch, auto harmony, chorus, auto vibrato and perfect melody. A perfect pitch is the first requirement of good singing; the Paper Jamz Pro analyzes and adjusts your pitch to put you in tune. The auto harmony mode enables perfect synchronization making the singer a part of a perfectly coordinated duo. Chorus adds depth making you sound like a part of a singing group and with the magic of vibrato, your voice actually sounds richer and warmer. In short the Paper Jamz makes you a pleasant singer. You can sing solo or you can do a duet with a partner; either way Paper Jamz does necessary corrections making you a better singer.

Paper Jamz Pro comes with two pre loaded songs; the lyrics of these songs are located within the manual. You can find more songs and download them from the Wow Wee website. You first have to download and install a free of cost Paper Jamz app then drag and drop your favorite songs on your computer. After that you can drag the songs to your Paper Jamz by connecting the computer and the device with the USB cable which comes with the device. Besides, you can also download extra songs from iTunes; however you need to pay nominal charges for these songs. Paper Jamz Pro comes in three different colors, pink, grey and neutral. Paper Jamz is reasonably priced and is quite durable for those kids that are a little rough on toys.

Paper Jamz is a unique, entertaining and fun device which has proved to be an instant hit among people of all ages. If kids and teenagers love to jam out, the adults are making most of the golden opportunity Wow Wee has provided them; singing without embarrassing themselves.

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