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  • Published January 23, 2012
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This is an article which contains specific information for skinny guys who want to gain muscle mass instead of getting chubby. This information is different from the advices given in other bodybuilding magazines and guides.

Mental preparation is the most important thing before starting your muscle building. Before starting think like a guy who already gained 60 pounds of weight. Just stick to that image in your mind. It sounds crazy but you should think like that before it becomes a reality.

If you can’t think like that you are just wasting your time. Just think what you want to look like after 3 to 4 months. Once you are in a right direction mentally than we will talk about some muscle mass building.

Building muscle mass quickly you need to lift heavy weights 3 days in a week. I said 3 because you have to give some rebuilding time to your tissues. You have to rest otherwise you will remain skinny because you will be over training yourself.

Several workouts you need to be doing are bench presses, military presses, wide grip chin-ups, barbell rows and dead lifts.

These compound exercises are better for skinny guys than using heavy machines for their workouts.

6 to 12 rep range is enough for each exercise. To gain muscle mass this should be enough. Every week weights should be increase and the number of rep should be decrease to 2 to 4 per exercise to make sure the increase in your strength increase your rep range in order to have bigger muscles.

Alone Weight lifting is not enough, calories in take amount is also vital in muscle building. It is important in muscle building of your body and it will also store extra calories as body fats. Track your progress every week and remember the trick is to eat healthy food not junk food which will only make you fatter.

The thing is quite simple; you need to take in calories 20 times of your body weight.

For example: actual weight (120) x 20 = 2400 calories per day

Work on this diet plan and see if you are building muscle mass if not than increase the number of calories to 2800 means 400 extra.

According to metabolism of different persons the number of calories in take can differ from each other.

The things you are eating must fulfill the requirement of your body.

Your diet plan must include the things which contain carbohydrate, fats and proteins It will build your muscle mass faster.. Some items which includes carbohydrates are beans, yams and fruits. For proteins you should have some chicken, fish and tuna. For fats you should have some almonds, walnuts and olive oil. Remember to take six meals instead of three. This idea is about making your body fueled up consistently by food.

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