Wash out the Christmas Stains from Your Clothing

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Christmas is a time of goodwill and festivity. Many people invite family over to have dinner. Relatives from many parts of the country may be present at these gatherings.

Some share good wishes with people they do not know. They may go out and donate their time to charity. Occasionally, people may get one or two stains on their clothing during the course of the events. It is easy to wash out the Christmas stains from your clothing.

Little ones in the family are very likely to spill gravy or juice on themselves. Marks may also be left on the upholstery or your favorite holiday tablecloth. People who go out to celebrate with coworkers or friends may return home with a few red wine stains on their garments. If you do not know how to remove these stains, seeing them can be quite frustrating.

How to Remove Red Wine Stains

If you will be serving red wine, make sure that you have a roll of paper towels handy. If there is a spill, these can be used to blot up as much of the liquid as possible. Later on you can apply a liquid solution to get out the rest of the stain. Make the solution by using two tablespoons of white vinegar, two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid and 4 cups of water. When all of the stain is out you can wash the garment in the machine.

How to Get Out Coffee Stains

Coffee stains are not too difficult to remove, once you act quickly. In fact, most households will have something that can be easily used to get out these marks.

Remove the stained clothing immediately and run it under cold water. Do not rub the fabric.

If you are out celebrating and cannot remove the clothing, blot the marks with a damp paper towel. Afterwards you can soak the stain in a little milk. When all traces of the coffee have been removed you can finish laundering the clothes as usual in the washing machine.

How to Remove Crayon from Clothes

Children will find ways to keep themselves occupied while the adults are conversing. Younger relatives may redecorate the Christmas tree, play video games or do crafts, or make drawings of each other with crayons. When crayons are left in little pockets, they create a mess when those clothes enter the dryer.

Get a solvent that can dissolve crayon. The same lubricant that is used with auto parts works very well. Before applying the solvent, place something under the fabric to absorb the melted wax. Ordinary paper towels work very well for this purpose. You will need to allow the solvent to soak into the clothing for about an hour for it to work effectively. Scrub with dishwashing liquid to remove the last traces of colour from the clothing.

How to Remove Gravy from Clothes

Gravy stains are not too difficult to remove. Scrape off the excess and sit back and enjoy the rest of your dinner. Later on you can soak the clothing in a prewash product. This will effectively loosen the gravy from the fibers of the clothing. Laundering the garment in the washing machine will wash out the Christmas stains completely. Your clothes will look like they did before.

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