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Valentine's Day is a holiday you either love or hate. If you are of the variety that has no love for the holiday, then you need not read any further. If you love the holiday and could use some new project ideas then read on. These ideas will incorporate the use of bubble stickers to ensure that these projects sparkle.

A great way to motivate you to start a Valentine's Day project is to learn some interesting facts about the holiday. Some of the facts are:

  • King Henry VII declared February 14 as Valentine's Day in 1537.

  • Cupid was known to be the son of Venus, the goddess of Love, hence his association with the holiday.

  • In 1913 Hallmark produced their first Valentine's Day card.

  • A perfect red rose surrounded by baby breathes is a very popular arrangement for Valentine's Day.

So, now that you know a little Valentine's Day trivia, why not learn some projects to make the day a little more special.

The first project you should know about is how to make a fantastic looking card. You could go with the traditional Valentine's Day colors that include pink, red, and white, or you can use colors the receiver of the card prefers. You could even use both. It really is up to you and you have the freedom to decide because you are in charge of this homemade project. You will need one sheet of cardstock paper, scissors, bubble stickers, and colorful gel pens to make this card. Again you can use traditional Valentine bubble stickers, or stickers that the person you are making the card for will appreciate.

  1. Take cardstock and either trace or draw a heart that almost fills the paper.

  2. Cut heart out with a pair of scissors.

  3. Arrange bubble stickers along the edge to make a nice border.

  4. Write your Valentine greeting on the front with the gel pen.

  5. If you must, decorate the card with glitter where you feel it will look appropriate.

Another thoughtful idea for a Valentine's Day project would be for you to customize a cloth tote bag. After you are done you can fill it with the gifts you intend to give that person. The tote bag may be pink, red or whichever color you think the person will like the best. For the sake of practicality, the size of the tote bag should be large enough that it can be used everyday. A mini one does sound fun, but what will they really do with it? You can put as many bubble stickers on this tote bag as your heart desires. You can make a border with them or you can arrange them so they collectively form a heart. You can also randomly arrange them on the tote bag. Writing the person's name in craft paint would also be a nice touch. Once the project is complete feel free to fill with goodies.

If for whatever reason your results are less than stellar feel free to give yourself a break and start over.

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