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  • Author Collin Trenery
  • Published March 12, 2012
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In the current day and age where the lifestyle of most people is fast paced and on the go, we find that travel mugs have become one of the hottest selling products on the internet over the past few years. More specifically, you will find that OXO travel mug products have risen towards the top of the shopping lists on sites such as Amazon and have received outstanding customer ratings and reviews. We are going to review and examine some of these items in order to give you an idea of what other customers like yourself have to say about each one. You can then come to an informed shopping decision in this area.

The best OXO travel mug currently available on the Amazon website is the LiquiSeal model which holds a 4 star rating among 350 customer ratings. There are many special features within this product including vacuum insulation and a double wall design which keeps your warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold for as long as possible. Additionally, the odor of your beverage will stay contained within. Almost all of the customers who have reviewed this item find it to function very well, especially in keeping liquids sealed safely within. The great thing about such a travel mug is the fact that if it does not fit your car's drink holder you can simply lay it on your seat or the ground and rest assured that not a single drop will spill.

This particular item also has it fair share of negative reviews. However, almost all of these are related to how difficult it can be to get the lid entirely clean. This is due to the fact that the lid uses a complicated mechanism which is what allows it to be sealed and spill proof. For this reason we recommend that you research the topic of cleaning travel mug lids and keep in mind that will always need to hand clean the lid if you want to get it completely clean.

At this point we would like to mention another OXO travel mug which is half the price of the one previously mentioned. The OXO Good grips plastic liquiseal model costs half as much because it is constructed from plastic rather than stainless steel. Aside from this difference, it uses the same features listed with the product above. Therefore, you can expect that this travel mug will not last you as long as a stainless steel model. It also uses a one handed activation mechanism which allows you to take sips while driving or making use of your other hand in another way.

This plastic model also holds a solid 4 star rating on the Amazon shopping website and we again find most customers satisfied with how well it functions. As noted above, most of the negative comments for this model are also related to troubles with lid cleaning, and again we stress the importance of knowing how to properly hand wash travel mug lids to avoid mold or other contaminates growing within. With all this being said, you will be sure to find almost any OXO travel mug to be a reliable product. We simply advise that you visit the shopping websites on your own time to compare and contrast all of the travel mugs with one other before making your final decision.

Author Collin Trenery. You can find an OXO travel mug by visiting Amazon or any other online shopping website. You will find these mugs to be some of the best travel mug products you have ever owned.

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