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  • Author Jane Hull
  • Published March 9, 2012
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I am a sucker for fabric and always have been, I cannot resist a fabric shop and I always have to pop in and have a look around and I always end up buying a metre of fabric, buttons or ribbon. I never need to have a reason or a use for it; I just can’t leave without it. In fact even if I have a project that I want to use it for, I find it difficult to cut up.

This addiction sometimes leads on to home furnishings like blankets; cushions etc, there are certain colours and patterns that I find myself really drawn to and I convince myself that I really need them, if I do resist I often regret it later on.

So it is not that surprising that I love baby blankets, they are both practical products but also a desirable baby fashion accessory. I had many that were given to me when my babies were young, they were great because I always had one in every part of the house and car and some spare for washing.

The fact that I had so many baby blankets, certainly more than enough, did not stop me from seeing one in a shop some years later. It was so lovely and I just had to have it. I convinced myself that I needed it and once I no longer had use for it as a baby blanket I could use it for something else. The reality was that I actually lost it somewhere, it probably fell off the buggy, but I still think about it now, years later and I am really gutted that I don’t still have it.

Of course now my children are older that doesn’t stop me being able to look for these kinds of products to give to friends and family as gifts. I find it’s even more fun to buy for other people as long as I can bear to part with it once I have bought it. The blankets I had for my children I have been able to pass on to my sister so I will still be able to see them being used in the future.

When I have been out and about shopping, there are certain baby blankets that I have seen several times on prams and pushchairs. They are from a particular well known department store and they are obviously the latest baby accessory fashion item. I have always wondered whether people buy them because they really like them, or are they are buying them because they are a particular brand or from a certain shop which means that mums know they are the latest must have.

Whatever the reason, there is always a draw to certain colours and styles whether that be the buyer in the store or the individual customer. The key thing is to know why people are attracted to certain colours and designs of baby blankets then you have the winning formula!

I have children myself and I write about products and tips which are useful to parents, they cover making life less fuss and more fun, saving time and getting out and about with young babies and children. Some of my articles are interesting but they try to have a bit of fun and laughter about them.

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