How to Find the Best Toddler Car Seat for Your Child

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  • Published March 29, 2012
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When you get a Toddler Car Seat for your child, you want to ensure it is the best one you can get, because not only will it be used for 1 to 2 years minimum, it will play a vital role in their safety. Whether your child is joining you in the car for a trip down the local shopping mall, or across state, they must be kept safe and secure throughout the whole journey. So what are some of the important points to look for when deciding to choose the correct car seat for your little one?

  1. The 5-Point Safety Harness – A lot of car seats on the market now boast a 5-Point safety harness. But given the choice always choose a 5-point safety harness over the 3-point safety harness, because your child will be more secure and protected at all times.

  2. Ease of Installation – This is self-explanatory. You must understand how to install the car seat, because a seat which isn’t installed properly puts your child at risk. Try to choose a seat which is easy to install, and if you are purchasing online, read all the customer reviews and see what other parents have to say regarding this. When you are installing the seat and you’re still unsure, it is a good idea to contact the manufacturer and be clear on the situation. The manufacturer will be more than willing to help you understand the car seat in further detail to ensure a proper fitting in your automobile.

  3. Side Safety – Look for car seats with cushioned sides to protect your child in the unfortunate event of a car hitting the side of your car. Anti-rebound features will also ensure safety in frontal and rear collisions.

  4. Washable – A universal mistake by many manufacturers make are padded covers on car seats which cannot come off. It is inevitable that your child will make a mess, so to avoid spending time scraping and cleaning the car seat, look to also purchase a comfortable cover. Many covers can easily be put on and off the seat and washed when needed.

  5. Comfort – We talk so much about safety, and for good reason, but sometimes neglect the fact that your child also deserves to be comfortable during an automobile journey. Your child will enjoy the journey a lot more if the car seat is well padded, with head and back support. You also want to ensure they can move their arms freely and check out the view during the journey. So not only will you ensure a safe journey wherever you may be heading to, you and your child will enjoy a hassle free journey, so everyone wins.

If you closely follow these guidelines, you won’t go far wrong in choosing a car seat which best suites your child. We all know the importance of keeping your child safe, and this includes keeping them safe during automobile rides whether they are long journeys or short.

However, with so many Toddler Car Seats available on the market, it can still be a challenge in choosing one that you think is the best one to go with. One of the top ones available on the market today is provided by the manufacturer Graco. You can check out our review of this advanced seat: Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat

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