10 hot tips to build muscle and lose weight with GSP RushFit by George St Pierre

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  • Author Richard West
  • Published April 11, 2012
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10 Quick Reasons to consider George St-Pierre’s, GSP RushFit Home Workout.

  1. Compared to other common home fitness programs which you purchase only to find you need to buy a whole arsenal of other equipment and supplements to workout with, George St Pierre’s RushFit Workout program only requires one pair of dumbbells.

  2. George St Pierre’s RushFit provides 3 separate programs in one, so you can tackle Home Fitness like a champion, get ripped, cut fat, and look and feel great regardless of whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

  3. GSP’s workout allows you to workout in a Rush. George St Pierre and Erik Owings (Professional Fitness Trainer and Mixed Martial Arts Workout Coordinator) optimize their workouts to be shorter but more intense to take you to peak fitness levels quickly.

  4. The workouts are designed to be like a Mixed Martial Arts or MMA fight. Erik Owings and George St Pierre take you through 5, 5 minute rounds of well thought out Mixed Martial Arts style conditioning which absolutely shreds fat, and builds lean-muscle in a rush.

  5. Along with the beginner, intermediate, and advanced calendars which guide you through a specific optimal workout routine for your own fitness level, George St Pierre’s RushFit also comes packed with an easy to follow nutrition guide which will clearly outline ways to either cut fat or build muscle and energy.

  6. Before beginning RushFit you have the option of taking a Pre-Rush Fitness assessment, and a post assessment. You will see AWESOME changes in your overall physical conditioning, your strength, your physique, and cardio.

  7. You have the option of using their MMA Style, Mixed Martial Arts Workouts to further your own self-defense and martial arts skills. This is excellent for both men and women looking for a strength and conditioning workout that also teaches them how to Kick Some Serious ASS!

  8. Your learning from the World Champion MMA legend, George St-Pierre himself alongside his own World-Class Strength and Conditioning Trainer, Erik Owings. Really… How can you go wrong with TWO World-Class Teachers at your side?

  9. GSP RushFit is a huge value over competitors considering many other competitors charge well over 100$ for their workout programs, while needing to purchase all kinds of other equipment and products. GSP RushFit’s mystique lays in that it is a FULL Strength, Conditioning, Nutrition, Diet, and even Mixed Martial Arts style self-defense program in one big package.

  10. Overall George St-Pierre’s RushFit says what it does, and does what it says. Gets you Fit and Summer Ready Rush Fit quick!

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