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  • Published April 12, 2012
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The Bowflex PR3000 home gym gives a complete body workout with the greatest advantage for users. Using a patented Power Rod pulley system, you no longer need to adjust cables between sets so your workout flows easily and is uninterrupted. Trainers and gym lovers alike regard the PR3000 to be a an upgraded version of its predecessor, the PR1000. It takes on the advantageous features of the latter by improving them and introducing valuable new features also.

This design lets you to tone your body where it matters specifically the chest, shoulders, back, and especially the abs. More than fifty exercises can be accomplished on the Bowflex PR3000; a large improvement from its predecessor which only offers up to thirty workout routines. The overall body workout promise is seen by the step-by-step guides available with each purchase of this model. You can use them as reference when you carry out side shoulder raises, seated resistance abdominal crunches, standing calf exercises, chest exercises (incline and decline), seated rotations for your mid-section military press, ab crunches, quads, neck strengthening exercises, tricep pull-downs, and more. More exercise guides are available at the Bowflex site.

Another noteworthy improvement from the PR1000 is the inclusion of upholstered roller cushions for leg workouts in the Bowflex PR3000. While all leg and lower body movements can be done with the previous model, many customers complained about being too tall to have satisfying leg workouts on it. This model now features four-inch upholstered roller cushions to specifically address leg strengthening exercises.

Another impressive new feature available in the Bowflex PR3000 is the leg attachment. The PR1000 had no such thing. Customer-written reviews raised the issue of not being able to perform acceptable leg curls and raises on it. With this model, you can expect upholstered roller cushions you can use for leg extensions and leg curls for genuinely strenuous leg and calf exercises.

Moreover, the number of physical exercises you can do on a Bowflex PR3000 has increased to fifty from the mere thirty obtainable by the PR1000. This is due by and large to the introduction of the leg attachment plus the fact that you can upgrade up to 310 pounds of resistance on the Power Rods. More complex and intense workout are now possible with this design, including decline and incline bench presses, seated military presses, lateral deltoid raises, standing lower back extensions, narrow grip pull downs, triceps extensions, seated weighted abdominal crunches, trunk rotations, Quadricep strengthening, squats, standing calf raises, and much more. Each gym comes with a series of workout pictorials to serve as visual guide during training programs, though more training programs are available at the Bowflex site.

The Bowflex PR3000 at present has a 4.5 out of a five star average customer rating system at Amazon. Countless of the customer-written reviews talk about being happy at the improvements and new features introduced with this model. Overall, the consensus is constructive and applauds the upgrading involved with the making of the PR3000 home gym system

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