Marathon Training - Training Weak Vs Training Strong

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  • Published April 10, 2012
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One of the most challenging aspects of training for a marathon as a beginner is learning how to train to win. If you are not coming from an active background, you may have the urge to do the bare minimum just to get by. For example, instead of training your body to run as fast as possible so you can win, you may only train hard enough to keep up with the crowd.

This statement is not an attack on anyone's personal abilities. Running in a marathon at any speed is tough, and anyone taking part in a marathon is showing some sort of determination. Basically, this statement is for those who are putting in the minimum effort but expecting to see the greatest results. If you are running in marathons to be the winner, or to build up your speed, you need to train as if you wish to win. You need to train strong.

What is the difference between training weak and training strong? The answer is quite simple. Training weak is going through the movements without putting forth much effort. Training strong is training hard until you reach your desired goal.

Here's a scenario. Let us say you can run two miles, but when you train, you usually run one mile because you know you can do it with ease. You hardly ever run the second mile because when you do, you start to breathe heavy and break a sweat. When you do run the second mile, you do not put the same intensity into it as you do with the first mile. You run at a slow pace and barely move your arms until you finish.

The fact that you train at all is admirable. Unfortunately, if you plan on winning races by training this way, you may be setting yourself up for a disappointment. The runners who finish first, or at the head of the pack, are the ones who train vigorously until they finish. If they can run two miles, they will run at least two miles whenever they are training. This is the only way they will be able to increase the amount of miles they can run.

Runners participate in marathons for very different reasons. Some do it because they love to stay active and meet people. Others do it because they want to win races. No matter why you are doing it, you need to be conscious of how you train. Even if your goal is just completing the marathon, you want to be sure you feel strong so you wont have any doubts about your abilities.

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