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  • Published April 27, 2012
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Good shaped legs add to the beauty of a woman. Legs workout for females aid in toning calf muscles and increasing aesthetic appeal. This can also lead to an increase in self-confidence.

Various types of legs workouts:

Leg exercises for women performed at home are great for housewives who do not have sufficient time to spend at the gym in order to tone their legs. To make your upper/front legs nice and tight, find and position yourself on a bench with an extension station connected to it. You can slowly raise your legs until it is stretched. Now, slowly lower your feet to where they started. These leg workouts can be done two or three times per week.

Legs workout for women can also be done without using any weights. This is a simple exercise to perform. The person may stand having their back against any wall. You can slowly slide down so that your knees are bent. Make sure that the back is against the wall. Before you slowly stand up you should stay in this position for a few minutes. If you are looking to slim and tone your thighs this method is for you.

Women can use specific leg exercises to lose weight. One kind of exercise is leg lifts. You should do this where you have space to lay down in your home. One should lay down on her side with one hip on the floor and the other facing the ceiling. Make sure you have a straight leg and back. If you want the optimum results from the exercise, you must do this. Now, raise your leg and hold it steady for three counts. Now bring it down, on the count of three. This exercise should be continued until you feel that your form has become shaky.

Another source of good leg exercise is going up and down the stairs of your house. It may sound ridiculous, but steeping is a good exercise. Going up and coming down the stairs for twenty steps for fifteen minutes helps you in reducing the weight and also in getting toned legs.

Women should follow these items when working out in their homes. You should remember that you cannot get the desired result quickly. It will take a lot of effort on your part. It's better therefore to start off exercising gently. It will cause less of the good and more of harm. Instead, you should device a routine which you will be able to follow regularly without any harm to your body.

When you overdo your workout on any day, it is likely that the pain and fatigue will prevent you from working out effectively in the following days. Hence it is better to start your routine on an easier level and gradually increase the intensity. It took you longer than a week to get out of shape, so it will take you longer than a week to get back in to shape. In order to get back into shape, be consistent with your workout and it will happen slowly.

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