Fitness Requires A Lot More Things Than Starvation And Exercise

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  • Author Scott Weesner
  • Published April 24, 2012
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Most people in today's world automatically think that healthy living is about depriving yourself of foods that you love. Many people even believe that it involves all kinds of strenuous workouts. Actually, you'll be glad to learn that a healthy lifestyle is much less simplified, and more painless, than that.

Do you go to a gym for a couple of hours of exercising nearly every day, all in the name of being healthier? The good news is you don't need to. You can simply start taking walks after dinner, or even on your lunch break at the office. On my work days, I myself tend to grab a quick bite at lunchtime and then go outside for a 20 minute walk around the building. Others choose to stay in the building for their walks, especially on bad weather days. When you decide to walk, you feel better as your blood gets circulating and begins to bring more blood to your entire body, especially your brain.

There's a lot more to it, naturally. What's the first thing most of us do when they wake up? We drink a cup or two of coffee, don't we? But what about gulping down herbal tea at breakfast? When you consume tea, you won't have a middle-of-the-morning caffeine crash to deal with. And by choosing the right teas, you may discover that you even have more energy than you did with your caffeine high.

Many people believe that, if they want to move toward a healthier lifestyle, they have to starve themselves. It may look so, but it is far from the truth. You can still eat all the things you love, you just need to make better decisions when getting the foods you love. To illustrate, many people like pizza pie. Simply avoid the frozen ones and go for handmade instead, using fresh ingredients. Sure, they're easy and quick, but the frozen ones simply aren't any good for you, despite tasting okay on occasions. Make your own pizza with healthier ingredients. Virtually all grocery stores now have an all natural section where you can get the ingredients for you pizza. Thus, you can savor your pizza and still be living healthy.

Want another clue? Eliminate candy and sweets in general. While this sounds about impossible to lots of us, you'll see that it's much more effortless than you may think. Or how about a cup of nice, hot chocolate brewed up with a good, low calorie sweetener? Yummy.

If you do this, and make sure you get adequate sleep nightly, you'll be on your way to overall better health. Your general health will suffer if you don't get enough sleep. But by getting a full 8 hours sleep, you can actually . If we don't get enough sleep, we're likely to be crabby and less tuned in to our surroundings. A good eight hours of sleep really makes us more prolific and fun to have around.

Apparently, you don't need to make any huge alterations to your day-to-day schedule or diet to achieve a healthier way of living. You only have to make the choice to do them.

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