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  • Published April 28, 2012
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Product reviews are incredibly helpful when it comes to the purchase of just about everything, and with the advent of the Internet we have such an opportunity to help each other by sharing our personal experiences. With VGP points systerm, you can share these experiences with other customers looking for your advice, and earn points doing it!

What's the VGP Points?

We are offering a points system that encourages customers who bought our products and write reviews on videogameplaza website or outside.

1 point = $0.01

You can use the points when you purchase the products and get rebates.

All points can be used for purchase on, not for cashback temporarily.

How to get points?

You may get VGP points via purchase, writing a review, advise or posting videogameplaza URLs in forums, blogs, social media etc.

1, Purchase

If you order $30 you can get 30 VGP Points.

When you next shopping with the points, you can still get new points.

2,Write a Review

If you've purchased a product and you think it's the best thing or the worst thing, then put fingers to keyboard and write a review. For every review of yours we approve and publish on the website, we will add 20 points to your VGP account. You can add reviews to any goods on VideoGamePlaza, ones you bought from us.

To submit a review, log in to the VideoGamePlaza website, visit the product page of the item you want to submit a review for and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will find a review box; fill it in and give the item an overall review score. Once you've submitted your review, it will be placed in a queue for approval. Upon approval, your review will appear on the website and 20 points will be added to your VGP account. (If you write a review outside of (eg, on review website), please send us the url of the review post and we will add the points into your VGP account). Please note that you can only review a item once, so make it your best.

Also, if your review is the first published on an item, you'll get 50 points!


Any submitted reviews must be your own work and not copied off another website, we will check. Any reviews found to be offensive, libellous, infringes on someone else's copyright, incorrect or just rubbish, will not be published.

3, Give us your Best Advice

The best ideas for come from the every Customer that use our products.

We want to encourage all of our members, old and new, to contribute helpful comments and advice to the website. Even if you do not buy any of our products! - you can enter with any insight you've had. The advice once which we accept, you can get 20 Points.

4, Post Our URLs

Welcome to spread the word for Videogameplaza, you can get 1 point for each post in forums, blogs, social media etc. We will give up to 100 points for one post if the post has great performance. We have rights to refuse the spammy posts.

So what are you waiting for?

We would be more than happy for your contribution. So if you're interested in writing reviews and have any questions or good suggestions feel free to contact us and we will get back to you quickly!

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