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  • Published June 6, 2012
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For a little girl who loves the idea being a princess, being treated like royalty on her birthday is a dream come true. Having a special day where the food, activities and goodies are tailored to the little princess is an occasion she will always cherish. Planning a kids princess party can be as elaborate as a do-it-yourself affair or as easy as ordering a party in a box.


The invitation can be simple princess-themed cards or something that takes a little more time. For example, the invitation can be printed out on lacy paper with royal-sounding language and rolled into a scroll. An impressive gold sticker can seal it.

Arrival Activity

Children should be given something fun to do as soon as they arrive. Youngsters especially love crafts, so making a crown is sure to be a hit. A package of gold or silver paper crowns can be picked up at a local party store or the parent can cut some from sturdy colored paper. The children can decorate their crowns with sticker sequins and jewels, markers or crayons.

Main Activity

The party games should continue the princess theme. The board game Pretty, Pretty Princess is good for small gatherings. Young girls will enjoy games or videos related to the Disney princesses. Older children prefer videos such as The Princess Diaries.


The perfect meal for little princesses is a kids tea party. The table should be covered with a lacy cloth and fresh flowers or pretty candles should complete the pretty setting. A tray should be set out with two or three kinds of finger sandwiches cut into little triangles. The children will feel special if they use pretty tea cups, which can be purchased at the dollar store. Depending on the age of the children, sugared warm tea or cold lemonade can be served from a pretty teapot. Each child can also be given a little dish of strawberries or other fruit. The cake should, of course, be a pretty one, perhaps in pink, with plenty of flowers or other decorations fit for a princess.


After the meal, the tea cups can be washed and filled with treats to take home. Dress-up jewelry, stick-on earrings, lip gloss, fingernail polish and the like are all good choices.

These ideas will help create a birthday party an aspiring princess is sure to remember for years to come. Her friends will also enjoy the special day.

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